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New Player Guide

◤ Modern Nations Player Guide
Modern Nations is an intermediate to advanced role-playing site set on an alternative earth. As we are a mature site, explicit and suggestive content, violence and profanity are permitted, and as such, all members must be 16 years of age or older.

Forum Registration
Please register a forum account with proper capitalization and no special symbols or text. We encourage users to register with their discord alias, but this is by no means required.

Country Application
Our applications are used to register your interest in a playable country. The form is relatively simple, asking you to pick the country of your choice, the official name and membership status in the Global Assembly. The average wait time for a decision is twenty-four (24) hours and you will be notified when your application has been approved.

A subforum will be created under the official name selected in the application process. For example, the People's Republic of China. These are in-character zones and threads should be properly marked with one of several levels of sensitivity — restricted, private, confidential, encrypted, classified and (top) secret. With exception of your armed forces, the condition of your country such as its national laws, diplomatic missions and infrastructure are the same as your real-life equivalent.

Disclaimer : Your armed forces must be created in-character.

Please create the following threads in your subforum at your earliest convenience:
  • Ministerial offices and composition of legislative bodies such as Parliament.
  • Foreign relations, including travel advisories and VISA requirements.
  • The command structure, disposition of personnel and equipment of the armed forces, more commonly referred to as ORBAT.
Three (3) months from the date of registration, you can request one additional subforum by opening a ticket with Community Support.

Once you have been approved, you can engage with other countries in the appropriate zones. With ninety-five (95) days of protection, you have the opportunity to forge new and deeper relationships, set your own ambitions and strengthen your foundations. Character actions should be in the third person and in complete, prose-form sentences as appropriate. It is important to remember that player versus player actions are not previously agreed upon, so the potential to derail, sabotage or disrupt a plotline is possible. As we ourselves are unaware of the outcome, we cannot guarantee any favourable results and as such, challenges and hardships should be accepted respectfully.

Opening dialogue is done in one of four ways — letter, facsimile, email and telephone. Of all the options available, the last two are preferable because these are more instantaneous. Our forum is equipped with both basic and custom BB codes to enhance the appearance of roleplay threads, but we recognise these come with their own challenges. You may have little to no experience using BB codes, so we have prepared a simple, yet stylish template:

Official Correspondence[/B]

Dear Recipient,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Erat nam at lectus urna duis convallis convallis tellus id. Sit amet tellus cras adipiscing enim eu. At auctor urna nunc id cursus metus. Orci sagittis eu volutpat odio facilisis. Elit pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus. Feugiat nibh sed pulvinar proin gravida hendrerit lectus a. Amet dictum sit amet justo donec enim diam vulputate. Mattis ullamcorper velit sed ullamcorper morbi. Fames ac turpis egestas integer eget. Malesuada fames ac turpis egestas integer eget. Elementum sagittis vitae et leo duis ut diam.


John Doe


The forum uses a text editor called Froala which allows users to compose their messages using the toolbar so bold text is shown emboldened, large text is appropriately large (etc). However, templates in a coded format should not be copied into Froala as complex designs appear visually broken. Instead, you should press the ‘square brackets' to grey out the toolbar and paste the template. This is an action called ‘Toggle'.

Disclaimer : Please do not switch between the two modes when you’re styling roleplay threads. Toggle does not accurately convert your Froala design(s) to BB code.

The economy is a sophisticated and mature system, acting as a financial institution for the central government. All currency is denominated by the United States Dollar. Revenue is held in the state treasury and collected from tax contributions. This is renewed on a quarterly basis, subject to activity. Ideally, countries should be able to outpace that of spending, but national debt can steadily grow as a result of expenditure during both war and peace, and the payment of interest is unavoidable.

Disclaimer : Initial tax rates are predetermined by the administrators. You may change this at any time, but the new rate will not take effect until the next quarter.

‘Transactions' is the umbrella term used to describe money transfers and purchases. You will find all forms on the sidebar. At first, these three will be the most applicable:

⬜ Register an Account
⬜ Join Discord (optional)
⬜ Complete Country Application
⬜ Read Roleplay Rules
⬜ Create Subforum Threads

... and of course, start roleplaying!

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