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  1. RedAmber

    Byzantine Call to Serbia

    After an evening of contemplating what should be done, Empress Maria - referred to honorifically as Augusta by most of her people - made a private phone call to the President of Serbia from the Acropolis as she overlooked Athens. She honestly hoped that President Davidović wouldn't answer, but...
  2. RedAmber

    The Byzantine Gazette

    THE BYZANTINE GAZETTE The Official Newspaper of Byzantium
  3. RedAmber

    Byazantium Volume 2: Restoring The Throne

    Volume 2, Part 1 While Maria was at camp, a number of political reforms had taken place in Greece. Actually, political reforms would be an understatement. The very flags flying around the country had changed. She was no longer standing in Greece. The Hellenic Republic had quietly fallen in the...
  4. RedAmber

    Byzantium Volume 1: The Rise of The Golden Sun

    Maria and many of her relatives, especially male relatives, had been gathered in Athens against their will. Since The Golden Sun party claimed victory in the most recent Greek elections, many things had started to change under their administration. The government made many promised reforms in...
  5. RedAmber

    hi (:

    it's been some time since I've been here! a friend made me think of MN, and I wanted to say hi! i'm pretty busy now, but I was thinking about claiming a country again. some of you may remember me from my time as Malta. whether or not I come back, I wanted to say hello and how I really miss all...