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Argentinian Armed Forces

Oct 1, 2021
Argentine Military
The Argentine Military is comprised of five different entities and is controlled by two separate ministries.

The Ministry of Defense is charged with overseeing the operations of the three expeditionary forces of the Argentine Military; While the Ministry of Security is charged with overseeing the two forces responsible for keeping the country secure. Both Ministries report directly to the Commander in Chief President Alberto Angel Fernandez.

The Ministry of Defense
The Ministry is headed by Minister of Defense Agustin Rossi and Chief of the Joint General Staff Lieutenant General Juan Martin Paleo. The Ministry of Defense oversees the operation of the Argentine Army, Air Force, and Navy.

  • The Argentine Army consists of 2000 personnel, consisting of 1500 soldiers of various jobs and 500 paramilitary.
  • The Argentine Air Force consists of 2000 personnel, consisting of 1500 airmen of various jobs and 500 airmen assigned to intelligence.
  • The Argentine Navy consists of 1000 seamen, consisting of 800 seamen of various jobs and 200 seamen assigned to a rapid response force.
The Ministry of Security
The Ministry of Security is charged with overseeing the operations of the Argentine National Gendarmerie (includes Scorpion Group) and the Argentine Naval Prefecture (includes Albatross Group).
  • The Argentine National Gendarmerie consists of 5000 personnel; 500 of which are in Scorpion Group and 1000 are in the Corps of Border Guards. The Argentine National Gendarmerie is the national gendarmerie force and corps of border guards of Argentina. The Gendarmerie is primarily a frontier guard force but also fulfils other important roles. The force functions from what are today five regional headquarters at Campo de Mayo, Córdoba, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucumán and Bahía Blanca.
  • Scorpion Group is a police tactical unit of the Argentine National Gendarmerie, often referred as the Equipo Antiterrorista de Gendarmería (Gendarmerie Counter-terrorism Team). The division is headquartered in Evita City and responds to high-risk and counterterrorist situations throughout Argentina, but primarily in the rural areas. They also provide limited dignitary protection for government officials traveling in these areas.
  • The Argentine Naval Prefecture consists of 5000 personnel; 500 of which are in Albatross Group. The Argentine Naval Prefecture is charged with protecting the country's rivers and maritime territory. It therefore fulfills the functions of other countries' coast guards, and furthermore acts as a gendarmerie force policing navigable rivers.
  • Albatross Group is a special operations service of the Prefectura Naval Argentina. Located in the province of Buenos Aires, it conducts river and maritime operations in the lakes and rivers and anything close to the coast line. In addition to Counter-Terrorist missions, they handle search and rescue and criminal responses.