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[Australian Capital Territory]: 2004 Australian Capital Territory General Election

Who should form the next government in the Australian Capital Territory?

  • Australian Labor Party

  • Liberal Party of Australia

  • Australian Greens

  • Australian Democrats

Results are only viewable after voting.


Commonwealth of Australia
GA Member
Jul 2, 2018
16 October 2004
All 17 seats in the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly

9 seats needed for a majority
Leader:Kate CarnellKaty GallagherDeb FoskeyRoslyn Dundas
Party:Liberal Party of Australia (Australian Capital Territory Division)Australian Labor Party (Australian Capital Territory Branch)ACT GreensAustralian Democrats (Australian Capital Territory Division)

  1. Australian Democrats
  2. Australian Labor Party
  3. Australian Greens
  1. Australian Greens
  2. Australian Democrats
  3. Liberal Party of Australia
  1. Australian Democrats
  2. Australian Labor Party
  3. Liberal Party of Australia
  1. Australian Greens
  2. Australian Labor Party
  3. Liberal Party of Australia
Liberal Conservatism
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
Social Liberalism
Green Politics
Social Liberalism
Leader since:21 April 199319 March 19983 September 20041 June 2000
Leader's seat:MolongloMolongloMolongloGinninderra
Last election (seats):5 seats7 seats3 seats2 seats
Last election (percentage):30%40%20%10%
Last election (popular vote):57,25276,33638,16819,084
Seats won:
Seat change:
Popular vote:
Previous election Results (members)
Party:Molonglo (7 seats):Brindabella (5 seats):Ginninderra (5 seats):
Liberal Party of Australia
  • Kate Carnell
  • Gary Humphries
  • Brendan Smyth
  • Steve Pratt
  • Bill Stefaniak
Australian Labor Party
  • Katy Gallagher
  • Simon Corbell
  • Ted Quinlan
  • John Hargreaves
  • Bill Wood
  • Wayne Berry
  • Jon Stanhope
Australian Greens
  • Deb Foskey
  • Kathryn Kelly
  • Shane Rattenbury
Australian Democrats
  • Eric Bray
  • None
  • Roslyn Dundas
Previous election Results (percentages)
Party:Molonglo (7 seats):Brindabella (5 seats):Ginninderra (5 seats):
Liberal Party of Australia31.9%30.9%24.4%
Australian Labor Party38.0%40.9%42.0%
Australian Greens21.0%19.0%19.6%
Australian Democrats9.1%9.2%14.0%
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Commonwealth of Australia
GA Member
Jul 2, 2018
The election campaign in the ACT has drawn to a close with party leaders making their last appeals to the voting public. Tempers flared on ABC radio today as Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and Liberal Leader Kate Carnell confronted each other in the final leaders' debate.

The Labor Party has campaigned on a message of strong leadership, while the Liberals want voters to focus on who they trust. Ms Carnell has been able to draw the positives from the latest newspaper poll, which has her slipping by 4 per cent in the preferred chief minister stakes.

"I think the fact that there's only a few percentage points between the Chief Minister and I is a better result than what most Opposition Leaders experience," he said. "So we actually take some heart from this. Ultimately, only tomorrow's poll will count." Ms Gallagher's standing has risen to 43 per cent.

Greens candidate Shane Rattenbury says his party has been buoyed by polls suggesting they could win up to four seats. "We just hope that the voters stick with us tomorrow, that they're inspired by the ideas, the energy and the vision that we've put down during this campaign and they do support the Greens when they go to the ballot box," he said.

Thirty thousand Canberrans have already cast their votes at pre-poll stations around the city. Phil Green from ACT Elections says voters have also embraced electronic voting, with paper votes down 26 per cent. "We've taken more electronic votes than we ever have before," he said. "I'm quite confident that we'll meet our target of over 30,000 votes, which is what I was hoping for."

Chief Executive of Cricket Australia, James Sutherland and ACT Minister for Sport and Recreation, Andrew Barr, announcing redevelopments for Manuka Oval.

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