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Foreign Minister Bonny Takes A Jog


Sep 4, 2021
Bonny is out for his morning jog again. It gives him time to think. He is under much pressure.

Just wearing simple Nike running shorts and a tank-top he steps out of his house. Two security guards at the door salute as he makes his way down the stairs. He takes a look at his watch. 05:32. It is only 20 degrees and over cast. He knows he is going to have a good run. He sets his watch at 22.00. He wants to stay near his race goal.

A driver of a police vehicle gives him a bottle of water and salutes as well as does the guard in the passenger seat. Another car up ahead with two more uniformed officers will drive in from of Bonny.

it is still dark but the suns orb is staring to fill the low sky as the run begins. The roughly paved streets even , in his neighborhood are a little hard on the feet in the morning. Bonny runs sans Diskman or headphones. Hearing the sounds of the city and people waking up for their day, gives him motivation.

After a kilometer he and his 2 car motorcade make a right turn going up hill on a pretty torn up street dotted with breakfast stalls and other young men fixing knickknacks like lamps, watches and the now even a new sensation, the flip phones, which Nigerians seem to fallen in love with. As he pounds up the road he jots down mental notes:

"Russians," he thinks spitting pout hard breaths. "Relations are good. Must try to get into the civilian sector. Same with the British. Must push harder to get through to the civilian sector or conglomerates."

At Kilometer 3 he final reaches the top of the top of the hill. He takes a left turn and looking up he sees the generators that howl and hum out of every shack or stall. It bothers him each time he makes this run. One of his 3 or 4 routes around the city he does. "Either we find help or we find a way to do it ourselves."

One of the guards hands him a bottle of water through an open window. He takes a swig as he checks his watch.

2.5km - 0534 - 12 minutes. His on a good pace. He hands back the water bottle.

"Americans," he mutters to himself. "Love us when they need us. As useful as a red-headed step-sister when they don't. Give diplomacy one more time. We could use the stability and maybe even the cache of hosting Americans in a war to free Africans.

At Kilometer 4 he continues his way up the freshly paved blacktop of Federal street, 1 kilometer from his office. As he pushes his legs and lungs to achieve his set time of 22 minutes......Bonny's mind races.

The only way for Nigeria to move forward is a web of strong bi-lateral partnerships, never shifting or straying too far towards one alliance or one nation. The whole world seems to shift every two months. Power players switching sides, young upstarts inciting violence in foreign countries....

He burns threw the last 500 meters and comes at a rest outside. Out f breath and drinking a water. He looks at his watch. 5km. 24:15. He takes a seat in the gardened park near his office. Going through all of the scenario's in his head.

Turkey. They will take on all-comers and have the guile to get away with it. Sweden, speaking of guile, for months the basically pulled their britches and mooned the world at the GA and the GA did nothing. The minister of finance must be put in touch with them as soon as possible. We must learn their ways of commerce and finance.

Thinking about all of these nations. I know who is a true threat to Nigeria.
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