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[GA]: Resolution for the Statute of the Superintendency


Kingdom of Sweden
GA Member
Jul 23, 2018

REPRESENTATIVES NAME AND TITLE | Ambassador for Sweden to the Global Assembly, Xavier Holm

ADDRESSING the complete stagnancy of any beneficial operation within the Global assembly as a direct result of inactivity within the governing Secretariat as set within the Charter of the Global Assembly and Statute of the Secretariat which has directly inhibited the progression of proposed resolutions and amendments on international matters.

RECOGNISING that the delay in proceedings within the Global Assembly has the potential to be consequential in the substantial loss of life, limb or property, or risk thereof, and the legal ramifications in this event.

RESTORING faith in the capability, effectiveness and functionality of the Global Assembly, its offices, agencies and subsidiary organisations by member states.

ENCOURAGING the introduction of nations world wide to ratify core international legislation passed by the Global Assembly and explore the possibility of introduction of new members as a result; further promoting the core values of the organisation and broadening the scope of its effectivity.

AMMEND existing core legislation which prohibits the fair and lawful progression of functionality within the assembly.

(Article 1: Necessity)
(Article 1.1) The Superintendency is brought in as part of emergency contingency within the Global Assembly to address either:
(Article 1.1a) Inactivity within the Secretariat in its core role as set within the Charter of the Global Assembly and Statute of the Secretariat and amendments;
(Article 1.1b) Lack of core functionality to enable the progression of proposed legislation, resolutions and amendments on international matters of importance;
(Article 1.1c) Delay in proceedings within the Global Assembly which has the potential to be consequential in the substantial loss of life, limb or property, or risk thereof;
(Article 1.1d) Enable the progression of fair and lawful progression of diplomatic process.
(Article 1.2) Recognition that core functionality of the assembly is integral to the retention of international peace and restoration of lost bilateral or multilateral relations.
(Article 1.3) The progression of proceedings within the organisation actively encourages the introduction of nations worldwide in the ratification of international legislation passed by the Global Assembly and explore the possibility of introducing new members as a result.
(Article 1.4) Promotion of the core values of the organisation and broadening the scope of its effectivity.

(Article 2: Organisation)
(Article 2.1) Superintendency is headed by the Superintendent of the Assembly who is responsible for the continued operation of the assembly in lieu of the Presiding Officer operating in a reasonable capacity.
(Article 2.2) Executive Office of the Secretary General remains the chief governing office of the Global Assembly of which the Superintendency is accountable to; this includes any deputies, undersecretaries and positions recognised as senior to the Superintendency whilst operating in a capacity enabling the functionality of the organisation.
(Article 2.3) No further deputy or assisting positions sit within the Superintendency.

(Article 3: Responsibility)
(Article 3.1) The Superintendency is only responsible for the continuation of proceedings within active assembly sessions in lieu of a representative of the Secretariat.
(Article 3.2) To enable the lawful, fair and prompt progression of legislation, resolution and amendments.
(Article 3.3) To facilitate healthy debate within the assembly to the point of vote in accordance with Article 4 of the Statute of the Assembly.
(Article 3.4) Act as the Presiding Officer in accordance with core governing establishing legislation.

(Article 4: Impartiality)
(Article 4.1) Superintendent shall hold no external positions outside of the Organisation.
(Article 4.2) Superintendent shall not accept bribes and must report any attempts to the Secretary General.
(Article 4.3) Superintendent shall not show favour to their government or any other government through means of preference.

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GA Member
World Power
Jul 12, 2018
Luke Adams, the United States Ambassador to the Global Assembly, walked into the chamber and noted that no one else was there yet, despite the fact that this resolution would potentially make the Global Assembly more functional. He walked inside with his briefcase, which was filled with various unclassified documents and some of his favorite ink pens. Seeing no one else around, the Ambassador sat down and opened his briefcase. He took out a new fountain pen which he had just received in the mail a few days ago. He uncapped the pen and admired it, and wrote down a few notes on a piece of resume paper. His notes were not anything that he couldn't remember himself, but he just wanted an excuse to write. Eventually, he started writing in cursive and just let the words flow freely from his mind onto the paper.


Kingdom of Sweden
GA Member
Jul 23, 2018
Ambassador for Sweden to the Global Assembly, Xavier Holm, would enter the hall - this time his blazer already unbuttoned and his staple teopard print reusable drinking receptacle missing from his hand. He was visibly frustrated. This was the third resolution he had attended without the others having been voted on; unprecedented in the Global Assembly and a clear indication that this international democratic organisation was in the infancy of collapse. Enough was enough.

Preparing his opening statement, he would take his seat, somewhat reclined in his chair as his eyes glance up to the once again empty chair where the Secretary General or a representative of the office was supposed to be sat.


The Netherlands
GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
Jaap Alderliesten, the Dutch Permanent Representative to the Global Assembly, would make his way from his office within the building to the Assembly hall and found the Swedish and American Ambassadors already seated. He approached the American ambassador and saw how his attention was currently engrossed with some pen, he would offer the Ambassador a handshake and engage in some small talk before he moved on to the Swedish Ambassador.

While he was aware of all the names of the Ambassador's to the Global Assembly, this would be the first time he met the Swede. The Dutchman would extend his hand in greeting, "Ambassador Holm, I am Jaap Alderliesten, Permanent Representative for the Netherlands, it is a pleasure to make your acquiantance. I was hoping whether you may have some time to discuss the future of the Global Assembly following this meeting, I believe there is a need for further amendments to the organisation beyond this resolution and I believe that together we may be able to make some significant progress."



Kingdom of Sweden
GA Member
Jul 23, 2018
Ambassador Holm was growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of attendance at not just this resolution, but the various previously proposed documents which lay stagnant in their proceedings. He'd watch curiously as the Dutch representative made their way into the chamber and directly towards where he was sat, of course returning the extended offer of a handshake as they came together, leaning slightly closer as to hear what the presentative had to say without disrupting the peacefulness of the chamber.

"Mr Alderliesten, it is of course a great pleasure to meet you. Of course, I will clear my schedule for whenever best suits, the Global Assembly is in dire need of reform and this proposed charter only skims the surface of the overhaul it desperately needs."



GA Member
Jun 27, 2023
Jean-Marc de La Sablière, Permanent Representative of France to the Global Assembly, entered the room- for the first time. It wasn't just that he had been newly appointed; France hadn't played a leading role in the GA for some time, and he had only been quickly briefed before entering. Despite this, he had a copy of the proposal in his hand, and had the summary of it prepared by his staff.

He would sit down at his seat, flanked by two aides- one from the Élysée and the other from his personal staff. Humming La Marseillaise, he would take a sip of water before sitting back in his chair and relax, waiting for the session to begin in earnest.


The Holy See
GA Member
Jan 12, 2023
Father Ludovico Innocenti, a member of the Legionnaires of Christ and the recently appointed Observer to the GN moved to his far-flung seat and sat down with a small smile on his face. From what he had heard this assembly was about as useful as a toothless clawless middle aged lion, but he would soon see their worth. Either way it didn't really affect him or the Holy See that much as they were but observers.

Father Ludovico Innocenti LC


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
The Portuguese Ambassador to the Global Assembly, would arrive and sit in his designated seat, while he would wait for his fellow colleagues.


GA Member
May 22, 2020
The Polish delegate to the GA would enter into the chamber before making his way to his assigned spot before placing a small Polish flag with base onto it. He would straighten the nameplate present before placing his bag onto the table and removing several pens and pads of papers for note taking.


GA Member
Jul 27, 2023
The Lithuanian Delegation would enter the chamber sitting himself Next to the Polish Representative Pulling out a Lithuanian Flag. Straightening his tie and finally pulls out a notebook and a Bolt-Action Pen and Tests the Pen on the paper

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