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Government of Brazil -


His Dudeness
Jul 2, 2018
President: Victor Romero

Ret. General Commander Victor Romero, entered the Brazilian Military Academy at age 15 and graduated as a Lieutenant at 20 with a degree in Military History. He quickly entered the army, leading a Airborne brigade. By age 25 he rose to Colonel and then joined the Special Operations Brigade where he lead the Commando unit. At age 32 he became the youngest ever General in the history of the Brazilian Armed forces when he was promoted to commander of the 2nd military region at Sao Paulo.

A scholar/warrior, during his stint in the Army he completed a MA in Linguistics, majoring in English and Spanish. He also completed a second MA in Economics. It is when he began studying economics, that he knew he would one day have to take off the uniform, and put on a business suit and get Brazil moving in the right direction. As he said in an interview, "As I traveled the rivers and mountains of my country and traveled the world for my country, year by year I began to see the waste of our potential. The corruption that led to the denigration of our people and our infrastructure. I could not fight this fight in a uniform."

At age 42, he retired from the Army and founded the Brazilian Liberation Party. Running on a campaign of the Three Liberties, "Liberty from Corruption. Liberty from Poverty. Liberty for All." Romero won the June presidential elections by a landslide victory, garnering 80% of the vote.

He first pledge was to restore relations with Argentina, revitalize the nation's infrastructure, and resurrect the nation's name amongst the powers of the world.

Vice President: Juan Santos


Another career Army officer who rose through the ranks along with president Romero. He was in President Romeros class at the Brazilian Military Academy. He graduated at the age of 20 with a degree in Chemistry and Physics. After graduation he was assigned to lead an ASTROS I Battery and later after graduating with a M.A. Aeronautics from Brasilia University, he worked on the Brazilian Space and Satellite programs, such as the VSB-30, as head of the Army research team that collaborated with scientists from Agência Espacial Brasileira. A low-ket member of the cabinet, he prefers to work in the shadows and avoid politics, but his loyalty to one of his childhood friends, President Romero, is steadfast and unwavering. He is VP because he is hyper-intelligent, apolitical, and willing to give an analysis of a situation based on facts and how decisions will effect the country hat he loves, Brazil.

Foreign Minister: Juan DeSilva

An old Army buddy of Romero. Served in the same paratroop company for years. Graduated from Rio University during his stint in the Army earning a BA in Latin American history and a MA in International Relations. Retired from the Army when Victor Romero asked him to become his first Foreign Minister.

Defence Minister: Oscar DeSilva

Twin brother of Foreign Minister, Juan. Unlike President Romero and his brother Juan, Oscar did not serve in the Army. He earned his military stripes as a sailor. After graduating from Rio University with a BA in Military History, he joined the navy as a 2nd Lieutenant.
He quickly rose through the ranks, serving as a commander of submarine and eventually achieved the rank of Rear Admiral, commanding the Brazilian Navy's Eastern Fleet.
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