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Imperial Coastal & Naval Troops of Russia


GA Member
Apr 16, 2019

Imperial Coastal & Naval Troops of Russia
Private & Encrypted

Naval Infantry: 40,219/40,219​
1,360/1,360 High Command Personnel
928/928 Military Intelligence Specialists
4,218/4,218 Military Police
156/156 K9s
4,117/4,117 Field Command Personnel
1,346/1,346 Logistics Personnel
1,189/1,189 Signal Personnel
120/120 Forward Observers
1,485/1,485 Tankists
718/718 Motorized Infantry
2,529/2,529 Mechanized Infantry
2,871/2,871 Naval Infantry
1,512/1,512 Assault Infantry
1,260/1,260 Arctic Infantry
1,806/1,806 Anti-Air Crew
544/544 MANPAD Crew
420/420 Snipers
684/684 ATGM Crew
108/108 Flamethrower Crew
108/108 Missile Crew
3,924/3,924 Howitzer Crew
1,60/1,060 Mortar Crew
150/150 Rocket Crew
378/378 Radar Crew
330/330 AGL Crew
752/752 Scouts
200/200 Medics
78/78 Mess Staff
509/509 Mechanics
1,081/1,081 Engineers
834/834 Technicians
108/108 UAV Crew
36/36 Helicopter Crew
3,300/3,300 Coastal Defense System Operators

Frogmen: 0/1,008​
0/384 Frogmen (Minewarfare)
0/624 Frogmen (Combat Divers)

T-90 Main Battle Tank: 0/6​
0/6 T-90 BMR-2M Mine Clearing Vehicle

T-80 Main Battle Tank: 0/546​
0/51 T-80AKV Main Battle Tank
0/495 T-80BVK Main Battle Tank

9P148 Anti-Tank Missile Carrier: 0/36​

Khrizantema Anti-Tank Missile Carrier: 0/36​

MT-LB APC/IFVs: 0/909​
0/332 MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB3) Infantry Fighting Vehicle
0/6 MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA1) Armored Personnel Carrier
0/30 MT-LBVMK Armored Personnel Carrier
0/288 MT-LBVM Armored Personnel Carrier
0/68 MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB5) Armored Personnel Carrier
0/88 MT-LBu KShM 9S743 Command Vehicle
0/97 MT-LBu 1V14M Artillery Command & Recon Vehicle

BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle: 0/122​
0/30 BMP-3M Infantry Fighting Vehicle
0/14 BRM-3K "Rys" Recon Vehicle
0/6 BMP-3K Command Vehicle
0/72 BREM-L Armored Recovery Vehicle

BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle: 0/22​
0/18 BMP-1KSh Command and Staff Car
0/4 BRM-1K Command Vehicle

BTR-80 Armored Personnel Carrier: 0/1,108​
0/135 BTR-80AK Armored Personnel Carrier
0/535 BTR-80A Armored Personnel Carrier
0/6 BTR-80 BMM-3 Mobile Field Hospital
0/12 BTR-80 BMM-1 Evacuation Vehicle
0/6 BTR-80 BMM-2 Medical Treatment Vehicle
0/56 BTR-80 BREM-K Armored Recovery Vehicle
0/100 BTR-80 R-165B Signals Vehicle
0/50 BTR-80 P-240BTZ Switchboard Vehicle
0/50 BTR-80 R-439MD2 Satellite Communication Vehicle
0/100 BTR-80 R-149MA1 Armored Command-Staff Vehicle
0/58 BTR-80K Command Vehicle

BTR-60 Armored Personnel Carrier: 0/50​
0/50 BTR-60 P-240BT Power Station

BMO-T Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier: 0/12​

BRDM-2 Recon Vehicle: 0/162​
0/157 BRDM-2M Recon Vehicle
0/5 BRDM-2U Command Vehicle

GAZ Tigr Infantry Mobility Vehicle: 0/224​

GAZ Vodnik Infantry Mobility Vehicle: 0/31​
0/10 GAZ-39371 Vodnik Infantry Mobility Vehicle
0/21 GAZ-39371 Vodnik Communication Vehicle

UAZ-469 Utility Vehicle: 0/1,339​
0/1,233 UAZ-469 Light Utility Vehicle
0/32 UAZ-3132 Gusar Fast Attack Vehicle
0/74 UAZ-469BI Communication Vehicle

LuAZ-967 Support Vehicle: 0/72​
0/22 LuAZ-967 Ambulance
0/50 LuAZ-967A Support Vehicle

TTM-1901-40 Snowmobile: 0/80​

A-1 Snowmobile: 0/75​

2S19 Msta-S 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer: 0/144​
0/144 2S19M1 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

2S1 Gvozdika 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzer: 0/216​
0/144 2S1M Gozdzik 122mm SPH
0/72 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm SPH

2A65 Msta-B 152mm Howitzer: 0/288​

T-12 100mm Anti-Tank Gun: 0/6​
0/6 MT-12K 100mm Anti-Tank Gun

2S9 Nona 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar: 0/104​
0/104 2S23 Nona-SVK 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar

2S12 Sani 120mm Mortar: 0/120​

BM-21-1 Grad Multi-Launched Rocket System: 0/5​
Each system is comprised of: 1 Kapustnik-B Fire-Control Radar, 1 1T12-2M Surverying Vehicle, 1 RPMK-1 Radition Finding Meteorological Complex, 6 BM-21-1 Launcher Vehicles, and 6 9T232M Transport & Charging Vehicles.

OTR-21 Tochka Scarab C System: 0/3​
Each system is comprised of: 2 9T222 Transport Vehicles, 1 9V819 Automatic Testing Vehicle, 2 9V844 Technical Service Vehicles, 1 9F370-1 Weapon Equipment Vehicle, 6 TM 9V819 Launcher Vehicles, and 6 9T218 Transport/Transloader Vehicles.

Buk-M1-2 Surface-to-Air Missile System: 0/12​
Each system is comprised of: 1 9S470M1-2 Command Post Vehicle, 1 9T458 Missile Repair Station, 1 Ural-43203-1012 Equipement Repair Station, 1 AGZ-M1 Mobile Workshop, 3 9VM883M1/MRTO Equipment Repair Stations, 1 PES-100T Mobile Power Generator, 1 UKS-400V Mobile Air Compressor, 1 Ural-375 Self-Propelled Crane, 6 9A310M1-2 TELs w/Radar, 6 KrAZ-260 Missile Reloaders, 1 9S18M1-1 Snow Drift Acquisition Radar, 1 Ural-5323, and 1 Protivnik-GE 3-D Radar.

Tor-M1 Surface-to-Air Missile System: 0/36​
Each system is comprised of: 1 9S737MK Ranzhir Mobile Command Post, 1 9V887 Engineering Repair Station, 1 9F115/9F119 Missile Preparation/Assembly Station, 1 AG3M1 Engineering Repair Station, 4 9K331 Tor-M1 TELs, 2 9T244 Missile Transport/Transloader, 1 9T245 Missile Transporter, 1 Kasta 2E1 Acquisition Radar, and 1 Kasta 2E2 Low-Level Acquisition Radar.

9K35 Strela-10 Surface-to-Air Missile System: 0/6​
Each system is comprised of: 1 9S482M7 Control Post, 1 9U111 Generator Unit, 1 9V839M system Checkout Vehicle, 2 9V915M Technical Maintenance Vehicles, 6 9K35 Strela-10 TELs, and 1 MT-LBu "DOG EAR" Radar System.

2K22M1 SP Anti-Aircraft Weapon System: 0/6​
Each system is comprised of: 1 9S737MK Ranzhir Mobile Command Post, 1 1R10-1M Engineering Repair Station, 1 2F55-1 Missile Preparation/Assembly Station, 2 2V110-1 Engineering Vehicles, 1 ITO-APG-M1 Mobile Workshop, 6 2K22M1 SPAAWs, 6 2F77M Missile Transporter/Transloader, 1 Kasta 2E1 Acquisition Radar, and 1 Kasta 2E2 Low-Level Acquisition Radar.

Osa-AKM Surface-to-Air Missile System: 0/12​
Each system is comprised of: 1 PPRU-M1 (PPRU-M1-2) Mobile Command Post, 4 9K33M3 "Osa-AKM" Launcher Vehicles, 4 9T217 Missile Transporter/Transloader, and 1 P-40 Early Warning Radar.

ZiL-131 Multi-Purpose Truck: 0/118​
0/116 ZiL-131 Maintenance Van
0/2 ZiL-131 Water Tanker

Ural-4320 Multi-Purpose Truck: 0/670​
0/466 Ural-4320 Cargo Truck
0/144 Ural-4320 Fuel Tanker
0/60 Ural-4320 KUNG Command Vehicle

GAZ-3308 Cargo Truck: 0/102​

GAZ-16 Light Utility Truck: 0/94​
0/94 GAZ-66-16 Light Truck

KamAZ-5350 Utility Truck: 0/38​
0/38 KamAZ-5350 PIRK Mobile Repair Complex

KamAZ-4350 Utility Truck: 0/50​
0/50 KamAZ-4350 w/R-149L1 Communication Vehicle

KrAZ-260 Cargo Truck: 0/12​

KamAZ-65225 Heavy Utility Truck: 0/155​
0/62 KamAZ-65225 Fuel Carrier
0/93 KamAZ-65225 Vehicle Transporter

UAZ-452 Utility Vehicle: 0/42​
0/42 UAZ-452D Pick-Up Truck

PTS-2 Amphibious Cargo Vehicle: 0/60​
0/60 PTS-3 Amphibious Cargo Vehicle

DT-30 Articulated Tracked Carrier: 0/30​
0/30 DT-30PM Vezdesusciy Articulated Tracked Carrier

GT-SM Amphibious Tracked Cargo Carrier: 0/38​

MT-T Tracked Cargo Carrier: 0/30​

IMR-2 Combat Engineering Vehicle: 0/68​
0/68 IRM-2M Combat Engineering Vehicle

GMZ-3 Mine-Laying Vehicle: 0/6​

BREM-1 Armored Recovery Vehicle: 0/24​

PMP-2M Floating Bridge System: 0/2​
Each system is comprised of: 16 PMP-2M Center Pieces, 10 PMP-2M Ramps, 1 PMP-2M Service Piece, and 6 BMP-150 Power Boats.

IRM "Zhuk" Engineering Recon Vehicle: 0/70​

PK-130 Field Kitchen: 0/42​

SBR-5M Man-Portable Radar: 0/111​

Credo-M1 Man-Portable Radar: 0/240​

Pchela-1T Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System: 0/18​
Each system is comprised of: 1 GAZ-66 Loader/Transporter Vehicle, 4 Pchela-1T UAVs, and 1 BTR-D (with GCS and Launch Rail).


Mil Mi-8 Utility Helicopter: 0/12​
0/12 Mil Mi-8R (a.k.a Mi-8GR) Recon Helicopter


Bal Anti-Ship Missile System: 105/149​
Each system is comprised of: 1 command vehicle, 4 Bal anti-ship missile launchers (8 missiles per launcher), 4 reloading/transloading vehicles.

Object-100 Stationary Anti-Ship Missile Launcher: 0/2​

A-222E Bereg-E 130mm Coast Artillery System: 1/1​
Each system is comprised of: 1 command vehicle, 1 support vehicle, and 6 Bereg 130mm artillery pieces.

Triton-2 Midget Submarine: 0/104​

Protei-5 Diver Propulsion Vehicle: 0/192​

Losos-class Midget Submarine: 0/32​

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