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Imperial Navy of Russia


GA Member
Apr 16, 2019

Imperial Navy of Russia
Private & Encrypted

Sailors: 22,382/25,058​

Pilots & Aircraft Crew: 302/464​

Submariners: 4,830/4,830​

Surface Vessels

Kuznetsov-class Aircraft Carrier: 0/1​

Moskva-class Helicopter Carrier: 0/2​

Kirov-class Battlecruiser: 0/1​

Slava-class Cruiser: 1/3​

Sovremenny-class Destroyer: 1/5​

Udaloy II-class Destroyer: 4/8​

Krivak III-class Frigate 7/7​

Neustrashimy-class Frigate: 2/2​

Gepard-class Frigate: 3/5​

Nanuchka III-class Corvette: 0/10​

Grisha V-class Corvette 23/23​

Turantul Molniya-class Corvette: 5/23​

Steregushchiy-class Corvette: 8/8​

Bora-class Missile Hovercraft: 6/6​

Parchim-class Corvette 0/6​

Buyan-class Corvette: 0/11​


Matka-class Missile Boat: 0/3​

Shmel-class Artillery Boat: 0/4​



Typhoon-class Ballistic Missile Submarine: 0/3​

Oscar II-class Cruise Missile Submarine: 0/8​

Akula III-class Attack Submarine: 0/8​

Sierra II-class Attack Submarine: 0/2​

Victor III-class Attack Submarine: 0/7​

Delta IV-class Ballistic Missile Submarine: 0/8​

Project 877 Kilo-class Attack Submarine: 12/24​

BS-64 Special Purpose Submarine: 0/1​

Auxiliary Vessels

Ropucha-class Landing Ship: 2/15​

Alligator-class Landing Ship: 0/4​

Akula/Ondatra-class Landing Craft: 0/10​

Serna-class Landing Craft: 0/14​

Zubr-class LCAC: 0/2​

Natya-class Minesweeper: 0/8​

Sonya-class Minesweeper: 0/33​

Vishnya-class Intelligence Ship: 14/14​

Balzam-class Intelligence Ship: 0/1​

Arktika-class Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker: 0/1​

Boris Chilikin-class Fleet Oiler: 5/16​

Altay-class Oiler: 0/2​


Sukhoi Su-33 Air Superiority Fighter: 0/24​

Kamov Ka-31 AEW&C Helicopter: 0/4​

Kamov Ka-27PL ASW Helicopter: 63/63​

Kamov Ka-29 Assault Helicopter: 0/18​

Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles

RSM-52 Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile: 0/60​

R-29RM Shtil Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile: 0/128​

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