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[MN]: Forum Rules Revisited

Jan 7, 2018
  1. All Posts under "Worldwide Roleplay" are subject to 80 words or more. The Global Economics and Trade Section will be exempt from this rule.
    Other Exempt Posts include Answering or ending Phonecalls, Departures, Arrivals and Confirmations.

  2. Players have a 10 Minute "Grace Period" to RE-EDIT any roleplay post submit in error.
    All Edits create a "History Tool" that allows the Administrators to compare the former post, ensuring Players aren't abusing the system.

  3. Roleplay Posts that contain any Language other than English, must include a Translation. All topics without a Translation will be VOID.

  4. Please DO NOT use the "Worldwide Roleplay" Section to make any OOC comments. These areas are strictly for character interaction.
    Players who repeatedly post comments as themselves in these sections will receive 10 Warning Points. Future incidents may lead to Forum Suspension.

  5. All Posts under "Worldwide Roleplay" and "Global Economics and Trade" are subject to GMT UK and GMT BST time.

  6. The Tax Period is every 2 (OOC) weeks. This is equivalent to one month of game play. This is when your Government will receive income, generated by your Tax Rates.
    Players must achieve 8 Posts to qualify for income. Failing to reach this Benchmark, will mark you INELIGIBLE on the Economy Overview.
    Players taking a Leave of Absence will receive income. Use the LOA Channel on Discord or Private Message an Administrator to make your absence official

  7. Please use the @Username Tag to alert others of any Roleplay Posts that requires their attention. They will have 24 hours of this notice to submit a response.
    All roleplay actions are considered SUCCESSFUL when a Player does not respond within 24 Hours of any alert.
    By not using the @Username Tag, you fail to inform a player that your post requires an answer. Actions will be VOID in these circumstances.

  8. Please DO NOT respond to any Roleplay Post that you're querying with a Support Ticket. Always wait for an official response by the Staff Team.
    To ensure roleplay is not being made in this time, Administrators will temporarily suspend the topic until the query is resolved.
    Making any Post during this time will authenticate all roleplay actions made before your post and your Support Ticket will be immediately dismissed.

  9. Players should NOT Roleplay the SAME Character in more than one place, at any one time.
    We understand that some people like to immerse themselves to one Character, but we are a Multi-character Simulation so consistency is best.

  10. Godmodding, also known as Powergaming and Metagaming are treated seriously. These are generally regarded as extremely offensive behaviour, ruining roleplay for others.
    Players Godmodding more than 2 times in any roleplay situation will automatically lose to their opponent(s), followed by a Forum Suspension of 2 days.
    Players proven to be Metagaming will have all their roleplay voided, followed by a Forum Suspension of 2 days.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Universal Roleplaying Rules
  1. Mailing solid letters from Country to Country will take 24 OOC hours to arrive at their destination. Electronic Mail and Faxes are received instantly.
    Letters that are mailed from one place, to a destination in the SAME Country will take 5 OOC hours.

  2. Roleplay Posts must have any one of these statuses — PRIVATE, ENCRYPTED, SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL.
    A Status must be made for EACH Mobile or Phone Device in use. For example, you may answer the call on an Encrypted Line, but you will need to state a Secondary Encryption if you transfer or forward the call to another Device.
    Please state when you're using a Cyber Security Network to encrypt your Devices. This Encryption will cover ALL your connected Phone Lines in a topic. This DOES NOT cover the person you're speaking with.
    Solid Letters, Electronic Emails, Faxes or any other transmission must have a status for EACH Post you make, containing any of these Communications methods.
    Roleplay Posts that do not contain any of these statuses are considered PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. unless the Host of a Meeting state that themselves and their Company are alone, which constitutes as being Private.
    The Host is responsible for roleplaying whether their Rooms, and Property are Private. This cannot be achieved by someone else, unless the Property is owned by them. Topic Titles and their descriptions do not count.

  3. Permanent Diplomatic Missions (Embassies and Consulates) are determined by their real life counterpart, and only available to roleplay in Countries that are playable.
    Closing or Relocating an Embassy or Consulate must be done either Diplomatically, or by making a public notice in the "International Events" section.

  4. Playable Countries adopt the Laws and Legislation of their real life counterpart, unless these are changed in the roleplay by your chosen Government.
    To Revisit, Replace, Reverse or introduce new Laws, please open a new Topic in your Government subforum provided at registration.

  5. The Alternate Timeline starts in 1995. Substantial events before this year, (WW1 and WW2) took place.
    Please contact an Administrator via Support Ticket to see whether any Regional Wars, Conflict and/or Territorial disputes surfaced in our timeline. These are case-by-case.
    Being set on an Alternative Earth means that events are NOT ALWAYS historically accurate, so Players are not encouraged to raise them in roleplay.

  1. Newly Registered Players have 91 Days of immunity against military attacks. This may be withdrawn when their Country prompts war or conflict.
    Obvious provocations include Border incursions, Cyber attacks, Terrorism, Espionage, Military aggression and False flags. This is NOT an exhaustive list.
    Please contact an Administrator via Support Ticket to see whether a new players immunity was withdrawn, because of their roleplay. These are case-by-case.
    Staff Members may, sometimes use their discretion when faced with a new roleplay scenario that questions this rule. Their decisions are FINAL.

  2. Capturing Territory can ONLY be obtained using Armed Forces. However, Playable Countries may SELL or EXCHANGE territory with another.
    Please contact an Administrator via Support Ticket when your Country intends to seize territory that isn't playable. A Member will be assigned to roleplay them.
    Territory that isn't playable will adopt the Forces of their real life counterpart. At times, the assigned member may ask other Countries for support.
    Annexation Scenes require at least 15 continuous OOC days. We encourage Players to be descriptive and detailed in these events, and to pace themselves.

  3. When Territory (or Country) has been captured, these are PERMANENT regardless of whether a Registered Person joins and requests them.
    Registered Players will be informed their chosen Country has been captured. Then, given the option to continue or choose another.
    When CONTINUE has been chosen, these Players must then win back their independence either diplomatically or using what Military they have.
    Captured Territory will transfer to any new Country, in the event of a Player making a FULL Transfer.

  4. Deciding on what Military Base(s) to use can be determined by your Country's real life counterpart or Yourself.
    When you don't Structure your Personnel or Equipment, these are BASED at your Capital City. This would make you vulnerable to attacks.
    For example, you may lose 50% or more Equipment from one Ballistic Missile because your Equipment is all in one place.
    Open a NEW topic under your Government Subforum to start structuring your Armed Forces. You may copy another Player's structure with permission.

  5. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear) with the exception of Chemical and Biological weapons are BANNED. All Nuclear warheads will be converted to Conventional.
    Equipment that uses Nuclear Reactors, like Submarines are "Grandfathered" into the game. Please DO NOT raise how they're powered in roleplay.

  6. Players MUST request permission from the Staff Team via Support Ticket of any intention to invade, annex or have a military presence in an Non-Player Country.
    This must be done a minimum of a week BEFORE you plan to begin the roleplay.​

  1. When opening a Military Operation or Exercise, the logistics must be clearly recorded in your FIRST post. These are BRITISH, ITALIAN and SWEDISH examples.
    All deployments should be in a basic LIST FORMAT like the Examples provided. Not doing this, can be extremely inconsiderate of others who are roleplaying with you.

  2. Military Deployments are FULLY Fueled, Stocked and Supplied with a Full Complement of Personnel BEFORE any departure.
    Staying longer than the Endurance of any Military Vessel, Vehicle or Aircraft will require resupplying Food, Ammunition and Fuel. This can be achieved through roleplay.
    When you DON'T Resupply, other players can use this to their advantage by roleplaying (For example) Vessels running adrift, Personnel starving and Aircraft downing.

  3. Armament (Weapons) can be interchangeable. Therefore, players MUST state what Weapons are being allocated to what equipment.
    For example, the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon has 16 different Precision Guided Bombs that can be fitted to the Aircraft.
    When Players DO NOT state the armament, equipment is completely UNARMED until you roleplay otherwise.

  4. Vessels are travelling at their MAXIMUM SPEED unless specified otherwise.
    [GUIDANCE] The Average Speed for Fuel Economy is 15-18 Knots, for Vessels with a maximum speed of 30 Knots or more.

  5. With the exception of Ground Radars which are ACTIVE all the time, Players must state when Radars and Sensors are OPERATIONAL.
    These roleplay statements will cover all the Systems employed on the asset.
    [GUIDANCE] You cannot roleplay that your Vessel has picked up another on Radar when you've not mentioned this system is in use.

  6. Players who ARGUE about the Final Casualties and Losses of their conflict, must submit a Support Ticket.
    The Administrators will review the operation(s) to determine the Losses and Assets that are irreparable. These MUST be removed from your Productions.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Military Equipment and Training
  1. Productions, otherwise known as Purchases are Equipment for your Armed Forces. You're RESPONSIBLE for keeping track of your Equipment and the Quantities you own.
    Most Players will write their respective lists in their Armed Forces Structures. However, you're free to open a New Topic dedicated for this.
    DO NOT update any Equipment or Quantities from any Purchase or Local Production unless the Topic has been invoiced by the Administrator.
    The Administrators complete Routine Audits to ensure your Quantities match with the Purchases and Productions you've made. They'll contact you with any discrepancies.

  2. Before Players can begin training Pilot Personnel, you must first designate a TRAINER AIRCRAFT and have at least 1 available in your forces.
    Moderators who are doing Quality Assurance will check your Production Topic or Armed Forces Structure to make sure you operate one

  3. It's ADVISABLE, but not mandatory to maintain your Military Equipment through roleplay, and avoid making yourselves vulnerable.
    Without maintaining your Equipment, other Players may take advantage and say (For example) your Avionics, Sensors or Systems aren't working as they should.
    You may upgrade your Equipment from one Variant to another, providing that the two models aren't vastly dissimilar. (See Economy Rule #4)

  4. Producing Personnel can be made by visiting the Recruitment Page. By default, Personnel will be taught Basic Training.
    You will have the option to train these Recruits in a Specialized Skill, such as Paratrooping or Reconnaissance. Your Personnel will be taught the Basics in these subjects.
    MINIMUM these must be trained for 31 OOC days at a cost of $5,000 Per Recruit.
    [GUIDANCE] Longer the Recruits train for and the funding provided will determine the QUALITY of your forces. Most Recruits are trained for 3 OOC Months.

  5. Teaching Personnel NEW SKILLS once Recruitment ends, works differently. You must open a Training Exercise and roleplay the skills being taught.
    Each new skill requires 5 roleplay posts over 7 OOC days. Recruits may learn multiple skills in the same topic, multiplying the post count and days.
    Each Exercise (Topic) opened must cost $10,000,000 or more. See Guidance in Rule #3
    Players MUST create Training Records to keep track of what their Forces are trained in. This can be submit in your Government Subforum.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Roleplaying Intelligence Agencies
  1. Please use the National Project Page to construct your Intelligence Agencies. This must be done BEFORE sending out Operatives to gather information.
    Before you construct your Agency, you MUST open a 2% Running Cost which will maintain the Buildings, Resources and Employees working under them.
    [GUIDANCE] The more TIME and MONEY put towards the Project will determine the quality of your Agency — The average is 31 OOC Days.

  2. Recruiting Personnel for your Agency follows the same process as the military, using the Recruitment Page.
    These Recruits will receive Basic Intelligence Training with the option for a specialized skill. These might include Online Data Analyst, Counterintelligence Analyst, Special and Protective Agents.
    MINIMUM these must be trained for 31 OOC days at a cost of $5,000 Per Recruit.

  3. Searching Agents at Airports and Border Control Checkpoints can ONLY be performed under genuine reason.
    You cannot deny any Agent entry into your Country without a legitimate roleplay reason. These might include Travel Advice Warnings and Terrorism.
    Most Countries adopt VISA Applications. Without one, Border Patrol are likely to refuse your Agents. The maximum questions on an Application cannot exceed 25.

  4. Players MUST open a new topic under the "Military and Intelligence" Thread, to confirm who their Agencies are monitoring.
    For example, you cannot intercept Private or Encrypted Communications, BEFORE your Agency is monitoring them.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Ordering and Upgrades
  1. Players MUST NOT order the SAME piece of Equipment within 24 OOC hours, unless 1 of these orders is for another player.
    You MUST specify the Variant and/or Model of the Equipment you're ordering. Failing to do so, will produce the ORIGINAL model.
    The Price of Equipment is determined using the Catalogue. Please use the EXACT name shown on site.

  2. Navy Vessels MUST be produced individually, aside from RHIB's, Fast Attack Boats or any Vessel under 260Ft in length.
    Vessels under this length can use the "Vehicle Category" to produce them all at once. This excludes anything that is 260Ft.

  3. Every Purchase has a Completion Date, determined by the Product Category and Quantity being made. Players must make a Secondary Comment on, or after this date.
    Most Players use the term COMPLETE to officially put the Equipment into active service. Only then, will a Product be invoiced by an Administrator.
    Orders that aren't complete by Players after this date will be BILLED from their Balances.
    Players have 7 OOC Days to complete them after this notice, before an Administrator voids the Production from the game. You will not be compensated for the losses.

  4. Players may be removed from a Country for inactivity or may request a Dead Transfer. Their Purchases, Sales, and Money Transfers are VOID and these cannot be compensated.
    For example, Purchase 50 F-16 Fighting Falcons from another Player and pay them for their service. They leave before this order is complete, and you lose your Money and the Product.
    [GUIDANCE] We advise protecting yourselves from Fraudulent Activity by paying an Insurance Company to cover your transactions.

  5. Modernizing a piece of Equipment from one Variant, to the other can be accomplished by using the Upgrade Tool.
    Products you've bought from Third Parties CANNOT be upgraded without permission from the Default Owner, or by paying for a Domestic License.
    These Players are likely to charge you for these Services, and may withdraw or dishonor any Agreement or License you have in place with them.
    Upgrades for 100 Products or more will take a MINIMUM 15 OOC days. Players can determine the time for any Upgrades under this amount.

  6. Upgrading Products from one Variant to another that are VASTLY dissimilar aren't allowed. Contact an Administrator, if in doubt.
    To calculate the Unit Cost of your upgrades, please work out the difference between the two Variants using the Catalogue. Alternatively, submit a Support Ticket.

  1. The NATIONAL ORIGIN determines the ownership of any Product, unless the Product or the Company manufacturing the Product has been SOLD.
    When the National Origin cannot be determined, the Administrators will use the Manufacturer to decide the owner.
    Products with MULTIPLE National Origins are equally shared between all the Respective owners.
    Products in some cases, are Soviet Union and the Administrators are LIKELY to say Russian. We advise submitting a Support Ticket to double check.

  2. Playable Countries are allowed to produce any Product that their Real Life Counterpart operates. This extends to EVERY Variant of this Product.
    Players will have ACCESS to all the Armament that the Product operates. Larger Weapons, like the SLBM can be blocked.
    Players may even block Weapon Systems like the Aegis Combat System. Please contact an Administrator via Support Ticket to check what can be RESTRICTED.
    As you are not the Default Owner, these Players are able to BLOCK your attempts at Local Production. This means, buying the Product direct from them.

  3. Players who would like to produce Equipment domestically, may negotiate with others for a DPR, better known as a Domestic Production License.
    These Licenses will allow you to produce Equipment that your Country does not operate, but these are immediately WITHDRAWN when the issuing Player Transfers or Leaves.
    They may allow you to upgrade your Equipment, but this is subject to your negotiations with the Player.
    Players can ONLY issue Domestic Production Licenses on Products that they own. So, an Operator of a Product cannot give out a DPR.

  4. Maintenance Licenses, are separate to a Domestic Production License. These allow the bearer to maintain Equipment bought from Third Parties.
    A Domestic Production License may cover Maintenance. Make sure to check your Agreements express that, before you continue.
    You cannot maintain Third Party Equipment UNLESS you purchase one of these Licenses. (See Military Rules)

  5. When a Product, Parent Company or their Subsidiaries are SOLD, the Purchaser takes precedence over all default owners.
    For example, the French Company "Dassault" was sold to Russia. Every product manufactured by Dassault, would become owned by the Russian Player.
    New and Transferred Players must wait 75 OOC days to purchase Shares to any Product or Company.
    Playable A List Countries (US, UK, Japan, Russia, India, China and Brazil) whose Companies are sold CANNOT be Transferred.

  6. Once a Company has been Purchased, the real life offices are NOT Playable.
    You must Produce your own Headquarters, Offices and the Employees to work them.

  7. The Economy System is IN CHARACTER, known as the BANK.
    The Bank Representatives will refuse all Business Transactions from Players with a Balances Deficit greater than $10Billion.
    Any Deficit Balance will incur a 5% interest charge. This will accumulate the longer you're in Debt.
    Failing to sort out your Financial Situation will leave the Bank with no choice, but to declare your Government BANKRUPT.
    The Bank will take 50% of your Total Assets to cover what Deficit they can. You'll NOT be able to Trade for 6 Weeks.

  1. We have 2 Transfers available, 1 of which is FREE (Dead Transfer) Though, Players abusing this System will be issued a Transfer Ban.
    Any Player issued with a Transfer Ban, will not be allowed to Transfer for 3 OOC months unless by exceptional circumstance.

  2. A Full Transfer is moving from your former Country, to a new Country. You will keep your Economic Balance and Productions, but Relations will be reset.
    You MUST exchange your Products with their closest Equivalent for your new Country. Alternatively, a Dead Transfer is changing to a new Country and starting fresh.