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[MN]: Forum Ruleset

Jan 7, 2018
  1. Blueprints are the exclusive property of their Default Owners. Members cannot obtain them using any means, excluding Domestic Production Rights (DPR).

  2. Responses under "The Global Assembly, Worldwide Journalism, Diplomatic Proceedings, International Events and Personal Development" are to exceed 70 words.
    This word count is not applicable to National Productions, Commercial Business, Confirmations, Phone calls or arrivals / departures in Diplomatic Proceedings.

  3. Our Tax Period is every 2 (OOC) weeks on a Sunday and equivalent to 1 Game Month. Your Government will receive income, generated by your tax rate.
    To qualify, Players must submit a minimum of 8 Roleplay Posts per period. Inactive Players will have an UNPAID status marked on the Economy.

  4. Topics under "Worldwide Roleplay, Global Economics and Trade" are subject to GMT UK and GMT BST time.

  5. Mailing a solid Letter will take 24 (OOC) hours to arrive at destination. Electronic emails and Fax are instant.

  6. To Encrypt or make Private Communication and Actions requires one of the following — PRIVATE, ENCRYPTED or SECRET
    Scenarios that do not contain any one of these terms, are Public Knowledge. Topic Titles and descriptions aren't valid.

  7. Embassies are determined by real life. Players may close undesired government offices, or relocate them by creating a topic in International Events.

  8. Permission must be obtained to roleplay Terrorism in a NPC (Non-player) country. For all others, ask permission from a player for PC (Player-controlled) nations.

RULESET Military / Intelligence
  1. Newest Members have 91 days (Approximately 3 months) of immunity against military or intelligence attacks. This may be withdrawn when the country provokes or prompts conflict.
    Obvious provocations include Border incursions, Cyber attacks, Terrorism, Espionage, Military aggression and False flags.

  2. Responses under "Military and Intelligence" are to exceed 100 words. A designated space is provided to finance your "Tactical Training and Exercises" — Not covered in your Running Costs (%)

  3. Players must construct an Intelligence Agency via National Infrastructure. Open a new topic under Military and Intelligence to monitor any Government, Individual or Entity.
    Searching Intelligence Officers at airports may only be performed under genuine reason. (Travel Advice warnings, suspicion etc)

  4. Players have 24 hours to counter any Player v Player (PvP) attacks. After this time, any action is deemed successful.
    Reports of Godmodding are treated seriously. You will AUTOMATICALLY LOSE the fight and receive WARNINGS for proven attempts.

  5. You must use the @Username tag for any Operation or Exercise that impacts another. This System will alert them to the topic — Use this ONCE.

  6. Only the Armed Forces can capture Territory. Player-controlled Nations may sell or exchange territory with one another.
    When an NPC Country is invaded, a member of our community will be assigned to roleplay their armed forces.

  7. Annexations are permanent. You must win back your independence within the game. "Full Transferring" will not make any impact. This status will exchange with the new nation.

  8. Structuring the Armed Forces is the responsibility of the player. Without structure, personnel and equipment are based at the Capital City.

  9. To produce new Personnel, please visit the Recruitment Page. Basic Training is provided by default, with a SKILL of your choice. (For example, Paratrooping)
    Duration to exceed 31 (OOC) days, at a cost of $5,000 (Per personnel) or more.

  10. When Recruitment has finished, Players may decide to teach their Personnel new skills. To do this, submit your topics in the Tactical Training and Exercises zone.
    Learning a NEW SKILL requires a minimum of 5 Posts, over 7 (OOC) Days. Each Exercise should cost $10,000,000 or more.

  11. Players must designate a "Trainer Aircraft" and have at least 1 available before Pilot Personnel Productions are submit in the Economy.

  12. Every Player must have an "ASSET PRODUCTION TOPIC" in their subforums. This Topic should contain every product and quantity you have produced.
    Your may submit your lists clearly within any of your Armed Forces Structure. No edits allowed at war.

  13. Staff Members will decide the Final Statistics for players involved in Military Operations. To receive yours, submit a Support Ticket and provide all relevant URLs.
    We will review the topic(s) and decide on FINAL CASUALTIES and the number of ASSETS DESTROYED. These assets must be removed from your Production Lists, at your earliest convenience.

  14. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear) with the exception of Chemical and Biological weapons are BANNED.
    Please convert ALL Nuclear Warheads to Conventional Warheads.

  15. Logistics and Deployments must be clearly recorded (If possible) in the first post of all Military Operations and Exercises, using a simple list format. Please use the Transit System to calculate travel.

  16. Military Deployments are Fully Fulled, Fully Stocked and Fully Supplied with a Full Complement of Personnel, before any Departure.
    You must Roleplay any Resupplies, when you intend to stay longer than the Endurance of your Assets. Make sure to explain how.

  17. With the Exception of Ground Radars, which are Active at all times. Players must STATE when Radars and Sensors are Operational. These Statement will cover all Systems employed on an Asset.

  18. Players must STATE what Weapons are being Loaded onto Assets, at the time of Deployment. These are Fully Stocked before any Departure.

  19. Vessels are travelling at their MAXIMUM SPEED, unless Specified Otherwise. For Guidance, Average Speed for Fuel Economy is 15-18 Knots, for Vessels with a Max Speed of 30 Knots or more.

  1. You may only produce 1 type of asset at a time and not the same product within 24 (OOC) hours of each other, unless the order is for another player. (Specify variant)
    Use the Catalogue to determine the unit price of a product or submit a Price Request for anything else.

  2. An INCOMPLETE ORDER for another player will be VOID, when the player responsible for the order leaves. Payments will not be reversed.

  3. Use "COMPLETE" (Or an equivalent status) to respond to your Economy Topics to say Production has finished. This must be done as per the COMPLETION DATE provided.
    Players who don't complete their Productions will be BILLED, then eventually SCRAPPED if you don't complete them within 7 (OOC) days.

  4. Navy Vessels must be produced INDIVIDUALLY, aside from RHIB's, Fast Attack Boats and any asset with a length under 260ft.

  5. Product Ownership is determined by NATIONAL ORIGIN. Players may manufacture any Product (And its variants) that their chosen country operates in real life.

  6. To purchase PARENT COMPANIES or SUBSIDIARIES, new members must wait a minimum of 91 (OOC) days. Transferred players have a wait of 62 (OOC) days, respectively.
    Submit a Price Request to find out the Share Price (%). Companies from the following countries, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, India, China and Brazil are non transferable.

  7. Domestic Production Rights (DPRs) may be issued to players, so they can produce locally. Licenses are immediately withdrawn when the player (Who sold the DPR) leaves the roleplay.
    Players can only issue Domestic Production Rights on products they own by default.

  8. The Economy System is IC (in character). An NPC representative, roleplayed by staff may comment on player transactions. Click here for the latest example.

  9. The Bank will charge a 5% interest fee when balances are in deficit. Players trying to produce / transfer funds with a deficit balance of $20,000,000,000.00 or more, will be declined.
    When interest charges exceed income and solutions to improve balances haven't been successful, players must declare themselves Bankrupt.
    Assets will be taken (no more than 45%) to cover your debts, and any remaining balance is expunged. Trade is suspended for 6 (OOC) weeks afterwards.

  10. Debt significantly impacts the the Country's living standards for the worse. Factories close, increasing unemployment and the government may earn an unreliable reputation.
    Share Prices are valued less than other shareholders, and will affect the overall value of a company in the stockmarket.

  11. When someone purchases (Real life) Company Shares, the offices to those Companies are NPC (You cannot use them) Players must build their own HQ and relevant offices within the game.

  12. The Upgrading Form is the process of modernizing an OLD Variant to feature new capabilities. For example, 80 General Dynamics F-16A Block 1 Productions are upgraded to Block 20.
    Only Owners have Blueprints, so you need a DPR (Or equivalent) to upgrade any products you've purchased from Third Parties. They may charge you for this service!

  13. Upgrades take a minimum of 15 (OOC) days to complete with 100 products or more. Anything under that, may be determined by the Player.
    Use the Catalogue to calculate the difference between two variants or alternatively, submit a Price Request for support.

  14. Monetary Balances will decline when impacted by any of the following — Arms or Trade Embargoes, Travel bans or restrictions, Natural disaster, Conflict and War.
    This also applies to making changes that impact Tourism. For example, closing Airline Routes or refusing certain ethnicity.

RULESET Transfers
  1. DEAD TRANSFERS cost £5.00 or equivalent. This means you will START FRESH as a Nation of your choice.
    New Players are entitled to 1 FREE Dead Transfer that may be taken at any time.

  2. FULL TRANSFERS cost £10.00 or equivalent. This means you will move to a NEW Nation of choice with your Diplomatic ties, Productions and History of your former.
    Change your Products to an Equivalent Counterpart. Players may ask you to remove equivalences for up to 14 (OOC) days after the transfer.
    When no equivalent exists OR a Player has asked you to remove the equivalent, keep the Product as they were.

  3. Players have a Waiting Period of 91 (OOC) days between Transfers. Frequent changers will be issued TRANSFER BANS.

  4. You're not allowed to Transfer when your Nation is involved in WAR or CONFLICT.