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[MN]: Getting Started Guide [REFURBISHING]

Jan 7, 2018

You're hard at work deciding on a Country you like... But aren't sure whether your choice is available? Check Registration Forms. Countries with [UNAVAILABLE] flagged near their name are taken. Now it's time to choose your Government name. For example, The Russian Federation, The French Republic, The Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Best to use a name to describe your form of Government. Are you .... Monarchy? Democracy? Dictatorship? Federal or Unitary?

Adopting the right Taxes for your Country plays an important role in your future endeavors. This is a Figure ($) which is charged to every citizen. We use this to calculate the income your Government receives on a Fortnightly Basis. The average stands at $50, but you may charge more. However, your Citizens are forever unpredictable! Taxing the Population too high might lead to a Riot... Worth the risk? Time to find out.

You might ask what are Running Costs? These are Percentages (%) used to sustain your Government Departments, or better known as Ministries. For example, The Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Tourism and Trade. Each Department must have an individual percentage covering Employee wages, Office supplies and Buildings. Your Country must operate a Minimum Total based on your population. These are —
  • Populations below 30,000,000 must operate at 20% or more / Populations below 50,000,000 must operate at 40% or more / Populations below 70,000,000 must operate at 60% or more
    Populations below 90,000,000 must operate at 80% or more / Populations exceeding 90,000,000 must operate at 90% or more
Under no circumstances use 100% Running Cost. Your Government will Bankrupt themselves! Phew....

The Global Assembly is the restructured United Nations, with a twist. Established in September, 2017 (OOC) tasked with the maintenance of international peace and security within the game. The Assembly comprises thirty-five member states. Will you be the Thirty-Sixth? For more information, visit the Global Assembly Forum. Important: If you agree to join the Global Assembly, withdrawal from the organisation is not permitted.

Your application will appear in our "Staff Zone", until an Administrator is free! This is usually within 12 hours. While you wait, Please read our Forum Ruleset.
And... made a Taxes Mistake? you can change your Taxes or Running Costs at anytime by submitting an Economic Revision!


And the Hard Part begins.... You will have a Subforum made for you. This space is for your Armed Forces, Government and any Internal Affairs.
  • All New Players start with 15,000 Personnel for their Armed Forces. These come with Personal Equipment, like Handhelds and Uniforms. Standard Training is also provided.
  • Besides Personal Equipment, your Army, Navy and Air Force do not operate any equipment (Tanks, infantry vehicles, submarines, aircraft etc). These must be purchased within game.
  • You must have a Topic for your Armed Forces and this must include a quantitative list of Products you own, which is routinely updated. (See Military Ruleset, #10)
Members tend to use the Real Life Structures to save themselves time. However, your Structure may be customized. And to do this... You use either the Visual Editor or BB Code for assistance. This is how Players such as Great Britain have achieved their look. Do you want a Simple Structure? Use a list format like the Canadian Army or Spanish Army. Feeling Brave? Try The Vietnamese Navy or Russian Airforce. We have no WRONG or RIGHT way of doing them. Don't hesitate to ask one of our Members to use their Structure. Many of us are happy to share code, so long as the appropriate person is referenced.

Moving forward, you must make a Government Topic with the name of your Prime Minister, Leader, King or Queen (Whatever else you can fathom). This can be done in the same List Format. To give you a few ideas, Portuguese Government, Filipino Government and Dutch Government. Listing your Ministry Officials will help the Community know who to address, and will help against using duplicates within game. Don't want to use Real People? That's fine too!

Almost there! Embassies are predetermined by Real Life. You will have the Embassies that your Real Life Counterpart have opened. Don't want them? Close them under International Events. At the moment, Embassies are not Sovereign Territory. So don't take your Personnel for a Joyride, unless you want to cause mischief. Should they be Sovereign? Maybe take the matter up with the Global Assembly.


Slowly, but surely we're getting to the end... Contacting Governments for official business should be made in Diplomatic Proceedings. This is where 80% of the magic happens. Let's begin.

The most common methods of communication are Emails and Phone calls. Letters are rarely used, as the Mailman is especially slow. 24 (OOC) Hours to be precise! Some of our Players enjoy extravagant Topics, containing a lot of BBcode... But for you Freshmen, a simple Message or Two will suffice. We appreciate all forms of Roleplay and never think less of anyone. Aren't we all here to enjoy ourselves? Topics that don't have Private, Encrypted or Secret somewhere listed are Public Knowledge. Don't get caught out by this mistake. Many, many conflicts are raised by this form.

Phone Examples by Brazil, France, Belgium and Iran. Players have adopted [Country] Phonecall to Recipient, for most Topic Titles. I'd recommend using the same.
Email Examples by South Korea, Taiwan and Rhodesia. Alike Phonecalls, Topic Titles are [Country] Message to Recipient / Email to Recipient
Unfortunately, Letters are so unpopular that we don't have an example on hand.

The Military and Intelligence page is for any Single, Joint or Trilateral Operations. Military Operations are not cheap, so don't expect to use your Armed Forces so unwisely without eating your own pocket. By submitting a Support Ticket, you may request a quote on the cost of an operation. You might think twice about sending your 30 Navy Ships to the Pacific Ocean! These charges are collected every fortnight during a Tax Period. Within this Subforum is Tactical Training and Exercises to teach your Personnel new skills. Again, this comes with a chargeable amount of $10,000,000 or more. (Money, Money, Money...) For you Groupers, you cannot control other people's Armed Forces. So, take turns at Posting Replies.

Welcome to our New Personal Development for those searching for a closer, more intimate experience with Characters of roleplay. Perhaps you want to invite the British Prime Minister to Dinner? Why not invite the Dutch Head of State to Dance? Maybe the German Minister falls head over heels for that Hot, Hot, Hot Italian Sauce? Take a ride down Personal Betrayal, Love, Desperation and Corruption.


Finally.... You want to start producing some Equipment to fill those empty Ground Bases? Your Hangars are filled with Spiders? Then you need the Catalogue. Our very own, Online Supermarket.
Use the Filter on the left hand side to navigate the Catalogue and search for the Products you need. Every Listing comes with a Price which you're charged for Per Unit.

Finished? Now onto the Order Options. For Purchasing Products, you will need the Create an Order Form, or the shopping trolley. Besides Navy Vessels and Personal Equipment, all Products will fall under the Vehicles Category. Make sure to double check the Category before you submit your order. No Edits Allowed! Aim to use the Exact Name and Variant shown on the catalogue, for the sake of convenience. Not specifying the Variant will produce the Original Production Model. Then, you'd have the costly job of upgrading the Product to meet your requirements. That's one expensive mistake...
  • Always check the Catalogue before you produce a Product. You can only produce what is listed
  • The Product Description does not count towards making a Topic Private or Encrypted. This is for informative purposes only
  • The Duration and Total Cost is automatically calculated for you, so you don't have to worry about pesky mathematics
  • Your Order will submit to the Quality Assurance Page, where a Moderator will check over the Topic for mistakes
  • A response on the Topic is needed to complete your order. This should be made after the Duration time
You can only produce what your Country operates in real life. Ownership of a Product is default to the National Origin, not to the Manufacturing Company (Economy Ruleset, #5) So you might need to purchase Products from others. Check Commercial Business and Trade for Storefronts. Many of them will welcome your custom, but not all of them will have a fair price! There is no guarantee you will receive your order or that the Goods won't arrive damaged. However, Insurance Companies can protect you from this. Ziron Group, is just one of them.

Conflict arose, I need more men... Check the Recruitment page. This is the First Production Stage and we recommend a strong investment. This helps determine the quality of your Personnel. To prevent a decline in quality soldiers, the minimum is set at $5,000 Per Personnel, over 31 (OOC) Days. Personnel are all trained to a Basic Standard predetermined by real life, but you have the option to teach 1 skill of a Specialized Nature. For example Paratrooping, Sniper, Special Forces and Commandos. Please consider the population of your Nation, when determining the number of Personnel you need. We are not a game, whereby Players can produce infinite amounts without consequence. Ah.... Before I forget, you need to own a Trainer Aircraft before producing Pilot Personnel. (See Military Ruleset, #9)

The Upgrade Project is new to Modern Nations. Rather than decommission your Military Equipment, you may upgrade them. However, you must have a License to do so when the Product is not locally owned. When you purchase Equipment from others, make sure to ask whether Upgrade Packages are available. Charges may apply, but extending the life of your Equipment is cheaper than replacing them entirely. A good example of this is the General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon, but you'd like the F-16C Variant for their newer Weapon Systems and Armament. No Problemo! You'll have to contact the United States to achieve this. By submitting a Support Ticket, Staff can provide the cost of upgrades. Alternatively, calculate the difference between two Variants on the Catalogue. (See Economy Ruleset, #12 / #13)

Please visit the Research and Development page, for a comprehensive guide to manufacturing products.
Please visit the Stock Market page, for a comprehensive guide to Company Shares.
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