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[MN]: Getting Started Revisited

Jan 7, 2018

  1. The Modern Nation's Universe (Commonly known as the MN-verse) began in January, 1995. However, the Status of this Universe largely depends on REAL LIFE. The National Laws and Infrastructure (Etc) will be in the same condition as the current Real Life Year. This process is called Grandfathered in. Players who would like to make changes to any existing Legislation, Pass new Laws or make Repeals can do so within the game. We recommend doing this under your Government Subforum, supported by an announcement from the Media. We use the same approach for Consulates and Embassies, which not only exist but are determined by real life. However, the option to close those offices are available within game.

  2. We advise Players maintain Infrastructure and Transportation Links as these will start to show Structural Damage with time. This might be from the Natural Elements, Internal Conflicts (Etc) You can construct and maintain these Public Spaces using the National Project form. Players may receive an Economic Bonus for the improvements made. The Duration and Funding of any Project is solely determined by the Player. The quality and effectiveness of any Infrastructure largely depends on these two factors. For an average, most Players submit a Project for at least 1 OOC Month.

  3. In response to the Reset, Products in service from the Year 2000 can be produced when the forums reach 1996, and this will rise with each game year. The approach we take is "You use it, Produce it" to explain what you must buy or construct on the forums. Therefore, opening Trade Routes largely depends on whether you have Commercial Vessels in your inventory. Using Personal Security vehicles to transport your Ministers will also be dependent on this rule. The only exception to this, are your local Police Force, National border authorities and Customs agencies which are grandfathered in. When in doubt, please submit a Support Ticket. It's always best to be accurate. To determine whether you can use a Product or not depends on when they "Entered Service" with an Armed Forces. Please click on the Photos to open a New Tab —

  4. Political Boundaries (Commonly known as Borders) are determined by Real Life. Therefore, we recognize 196 Countries on Modern Nations, including Kosovo, East Timor and Taiwan. Border agreements that were established over Disputed Territories after the Year 2000 are not applicable on the forums, unless agreed otherwise with the Administrators or confirmed in the Statement below (#5)

  5. We're set on an ALTERNATIVE EARTH. Therefore, Historical Events may not always be accurate. That being said, Wars and Conflicts Predating 1995 have occurred in our Timeline. The BOSNIAN WAR, KOSOVO WAR, EAST TIMORESE CRISIS, SECOND CONGO WAR and FIRST CHECHEN WAR ended in January, 1995 in our timeline. This is when Kosovo and East Timor made their declaration of independence. SERBIA and MONTENEGRO are also separate Countries. Their declarations were made in January, 1995. The Antarctic Treaty System of 1959 does not exist in our Timeline. Therefore, Antarctica remains the only part of the planet that our Players may still claim. Claiming territory can only be successful using Military means. The Thread belongs under "Military and Intelligence" and has a minimum Word count of 80 or more.


  1. For a list of Available Countries, Please visit Country Registration. This is also the Form to register your interest.

    GOVERNMENT NAME will be what your Nation is called in our Universe, and what others will use to address them. For example, The French Republic, The Argentine Republic (Etc)
    TAX RATE determines the Amount your Government will earn. We recommend Players to set their Tax between $50 and $95
    RUNNING COSTS go towards your Government Departments. You may have 24 in Percentage Format (%). The Funds will be used to cover Public Wages, General Maintenance and Ground Rates
    • However, these are NOT inclusive of your Research and Development. What does this mean?

      For example, Brazil has a Modern Nation's Population of 212,392,717 which means they require 85% Running Costs when they register.
      To include Research and Development (Requires 2%) will increase those Running Costs to 87% overall

    You will no longer be required to have a Running Cost for any Intelligence Agencies, as we already have enough costs associated to them
    The Minimum Running Costs at registration are determined by Population, as shown in the Table below —

BELOW 30,000,000

BELOW 50,000,000

BELOW 70,000,000

BELOW 90,000,000

90,000,000 +







  1. Registered players will have a SUBFORUM made for them which is under the Continent their Country belongs. This is an IN-CHARACTER space, therefore we recommend that the Threads you post in this section are Private and Encrypted, otherwise they're Public Knowledge. Players may request 2 Additional Subforums to aid organizing Topics. This can be done by submitting a Support Ticket. You should focus on setting up your Military Topics, commonly known to us as "Structures". These provide an insight of your Armed Forces to others and are particularly useful during wartime. Everyone receives 15,000 Personnel with basic training that can be distributed between the Army, Navy and Airforce. These Structures must include a comprehensive list of Equipment you've produced or bought within game, which you are responsible for keeping up to date. Click on the Pictures for examples —

  • Although not mandatory, we encourage Players to create a Government topic, which lists the names of your Ministers so that others know who to address in conversation. We do not allow Players to use the same Character, if they're already in use. So, this will serve useful to anyone who needs reminding what Characters they have, as I'm sure this can get confusing at times. Click on the Pictures for examples —

  • You may use someone's Structure, but you must request PERMISSION. Please make sure to Reference them somewhere in the topic


  1. First and foremost, Players have 91 OOC days of immunity. This means, your Nation cannot be attacked unless you "Sow the Seeds of War". We advise you read the Ruleset to see what this might constitute.

  2. Contacting Foreign Governments through dialogue, negotiation and other measures short of war or violence should be prioritized. It's important to further your state's interest to help distribute international power. The most popular methods are Email and Phonecall, which might invite a state visit in the future. More importantly, you need to know which of these Countries you can trust. You may withhold Diplomatic Relations as a way to punish Countries for actions ranging from human rights abuses, to failure to abide by international law. These choices are yours alone. It's typical for a Conversation between 2 Government Officials to remain confidential, but Players must take reasonable steps to ensure this. Click on the Pictures for examples —

  • You'll notice every Correspondence has SECURE, PRIVATE or ENCRYPTED. This is a requirement if you don't intend to disclose your communications. Do you notice the @NAME, which is strategically located in each Email? This sends an alert to the Players who will then know you're waiting for them to respond. This system is mandatory. Players must use a minimum 80 Words in most Conversations, as we're pursuing roleplay quality across the estate.

  • ...