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[MN]: Official Announcements


Jun 20, 2018
Latest Announcements 19/02/2021

Please do not use the @Username system to repeatedly notify users. This creates spam which can be easily avoided with a polite discord or forum message. Players can view their alerts by clicking the bell item in the top right-hand corner and clicking "show all" giving you the last seven days worth of alerts. Alternatively, you can choose to watch a topic, which enables you to keep track of the roleplay important to you. You can view all of those topics in a list format, as shown in the screenshot.

Did you know? editing your topic to include an @Username you have forgotten doesn't alert the user. The system only works on the original creation!


Please do not use full country names in any forms available. This is especially true for creating orders. This is to prevent the topic titles from creating cosmetic problems on the forums and/or you maxing out on your characters. Trade information should be COUNTRY, PORT NAME. This is because we use copy and paste, but our economic formulas are designed to pick up information only written in a certain way. For example, international trade section on the economy will automatically enter the flag, status and identification for us but only when the country and port are wrote in the correct order.

1613753966945.png 1613753979992.png

Your military operations will be considered on-going if you do not complete the two actions required to end them. First, roleplaying your personnel/equipment returning home. Second, using the prefix. Without doing these two steps, your country will continue being charged every tax period, regardless of how unfair that seems. The prefix alerts the Moderator that an operation can be archived. Your roleplay closing statement doesn't have to be long-winded. A simple sentence saying the operation has ended and assets are returning to base will be fine.


One of the most important, yet confusing aspects for people is BBcode and Visual editor. So, let me explain the difference between the two. If you're able to click on the options, you're using what is known as "visual editing"
Visual editing is recommended for non-complex designs only and not for tables. There's currently a known bug that creates empty spaces between your tables every time you edit your topic.
You should not use visual editor to copy and paste BBCode templates, such as those you find on selling pages, auctions or global assembly. This creates empty space when you submit your post, breaking the design.

If you cannot use the options on the editor, then you have BBcode toggled on. This means writing the actual code to make text bold, colored or italic (etc). This is the preferred method for complex, table designs. This is especially true for options like noborder, collapse, centered or not full width tables. You can tell you've got BBcode toggled on because one icon will be highlighted as seen in the screenshot.


The Worldwide Journalism column has been quite confusing for some members, who don't realise that roleplaying in these sections is not considered action. What is meant by that, is the roleplay is assumed to be one of the following:
  • A newspaper or magazine article,
  • An live or pre-recorded interview,
  • A public announcement or statement from the press,
  • An official statement to the public from a state's government,
  • A post, comment or reply on social media platforms,
  • A live or pre-recorded news or radio broadcasting,
  • All other alternative media, like Facebook, Twitter and You-tube.
To further explain myself, you might submit an article addressed to the public regarding an individual in your nation(s) that is found murdered. However, this will not have physically happened unless you roleplay the murder and discovery of the body.
You must submit this roleplay in either, internal development or international events. Only then would your article be true. Without the supporting roleplay, your article is nothing more than a fabrication, like so many press releases these days.

As you know, the press do not need to tell the truth. This means, you can roleplay fabricated plots or stories to implicate and incriminate other nations, their individuals or their government. You may want to post a statement on a scandal you've uncovered, regarding a Russian spy, but this does not necessarily make your statement true. There is so much more to media than only updating us on your nations. You have bias in new agencies, propaganda and just outright bullshit. Media can spark protests, demonstrations and even international investigations depending on the seriousness of the allegations in question. This is all good fun for our universe. You cannot roleplay other people(s) citizens, but you can roleplay a citizen in your own nation whose ethnic group is say, Chinese, Indian or Pakistani.


I'm addressing the community who are struggling to meet our roleplay standards. Not only do we expect our Players to use 80 words or more, but this is not a benchmark to aim for. We want to see our community surpass this at every opportunity. It's very frustrating for an individual to be invited to a call and you provide virtually no content for them. You should be the one contributing to the conversation. It is not the person(s) roleplaying with you, otherwise they would call you themselves. You cannot expect others to put their time and effort into roleplaying with you, if you cannot try for them. Seeing Threads with absolutely no effort into writing is disheartening. Anything more than a brief paragraph and People behave like it’s impossible to read. The saying goes, You get what you give, so if you do bare minimum, just expect to get bare minimum.

Furthermore, we have to reiterate the importance of the ruleset. A number of problems might occur when Individuals do not fully understand the rules of engagement. This is especially true to military operations, where 80% of our disputes lie. The problem though, eventually impacts the roleplay of others who are communicating details of the operation to nations within game. A small mistake can lead to multiple threads, topics and posts being void wasting valuable time and energy others have put towards this storyline. A mistake that is avoidable, by checking the rules or by asking a member of staff for clarification. It is clear not everyone is on board with the rules, but we're trying to improve the overall quality of roleplay we see across the forums. Something we cannot do if People will not put their time or effort into knowing what they can and can't do. It seems the only way to ensure this is by reviewing posts as often as we can.

Trying to figure out how to approach countries is a different kind of puzzle to figure out. However, roleplay is about being social, sharing stories and having fun. It's just a matter of coming up with a reason to contact them. However, social routines like greetings are probably the most common but do not add much value. Communication can stale quickly if the creator is not carrying the weight. Ask questions, request for information and share your experiences and feelings. This adds context to your message, making it easier for others to respond. It is best only to communicate with countries when you have a clear objective. If you expect the person you're roleplaying with to carry the conversation, then they will not find much fun in this. If they had something to discuss, they would have contacted you. You need to take responsibility and fuel the conversation. If you're going to give minimal effort, you need to expect minimal effort in return. Lazy roleplay like this can demotivate others and they may avoid you. Arguably so. Below are a few examples of the roleplay we're inspiring for: