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[MN]: Starting Guide Revised

Jan 7, 2018

  • The Modern Nation's universe, commonly known to us as the MN-verse began in January, 1995. When you register, the condition of your country including national laws and infrastructure are the same as your real-life counterpart. This is a process we called "grandfathered in" and we refer to it in our rule-set. We use the same approach for Consulates and Embassies, which not only exist but are determined by real life. Like with anything, buildings and highways start to show structural damage with time so we recommend maintaining these public spaces using the National Project form. By improving these things, players open themselves to financial incentives which are calculated by the duration and funding of any project. These 2 factors largely impact the quality and effectiveness of your project, whether that be a new highway or new hospital. Those factors are solely determined by the player, but we advise funding exceeds $750,000,000 and duration is at least 31 out-of-character days.

    • Products in service with an armed forces from the Year 2000 can be produced when the forums reach 1996, and this will rise with each game year. The approach we take is "You use it, you produce it" to explain what you must buy or construct on the forums. For example, opening trade routes is only possible when you have commercial vessels in your inventory, or your ministers travelling to and from locations when you have security vehicles. The only exception to this rule are our police force, border authorities and custom agencies which are all grandfathered in.


  • Geographical borders are determined by real-life. Therefore, we recognize 196 countries including, Kosovo, East Timor and Taiwan. Border agreements that were established over disputed territories after the year 2000 are not applicable on the forums, unless agreed otherwise with the Administrators. As we're set on an alternative earth we do not need to be historically accurate but any war and conflict dated before 1995 have occurred in our timeline. The Bosnian war, Kosovo war, East Timorese crisis, Second Congo war and the First Chechen war all concluded in January, 1995 of our timeline far before they ended in real-life. This is also when any country made their declaration of independence, alongside Serbia and Montenegro who are separated. The Antarctic Treaty System of 1959 does not exist, therefore remains the only inhabitable part of the planet that our players may still claim.


  • For a list of available countries, please visit our Country Registration forms. Government name is what your nation is called in our universe and what others will address you as. Tax rate determines the amount of money your government earn, averaging at $100 and finally, Running costs are your government departments. You may have up to 24 departments and each one must have a percentage towards public wages, maintenance and building rates. These are not inclusive of any Research and Development facility, which require running costs of 2%. For example, Brazil has a population of 212,392,717 which means they require 85% running costs when they register. This will increase to 87% with a research facility.

    • Populations below 30,000,000 require running costs of 15%
    • Populations below 50,000,000 require running costs of 35%
    • Populations below 70,000,000 require running costs of 55%
    • Populations below 90,000,000 require running costs of 75%
    • Populations above 90,000,000 require running costs of 85%


  • Registered players will have their own national subforum, which are in-game sections so make sure to properly secure your roleplay using one of the terms listed in the rule-set. To help organise your section, you may request 2 additional subforums using our support feature. Most players focus on their military structures which are necessary before engaging in operations. New players receive 15,000 personnel to distribute in your Army, Navy or Air Force. Distribution does not need to be made equally. Although not mandatory, we encourage players to create a government topic, which lists the names of their ministers so that others know who to address in conversation. You may copy someone's structure but please request permission before you do this.


MODERN NATIONS International Roleplay

  • First and foremost, new players have 91 out-of-character days of immunity, so you can rest easy knowing you have time to make allies. Contacting foreign governments through dialogue, negotiation and other measures short of war is a very important step at this stage. Unless you intend to be the antagonist, you'll want to make friendships so you aren't alone and unprotected in our universe. More importantly, you need to know which countries you can trust. The most popular methods are email and phone-call as these allow immediate responses. Looking at the examples, you'll notice every correspondence has secure, private or encrypted which protects their communication from the public eye. You'll also notice the @Name strategically located in the roleplay, which is our mandatory tagging system.


  • Once you've contacted a few individuals, you may want to open up a storefront selling commercial and military equipment that you own within-game. Product ownership is determined by national origin or manufacturer and is a great way to earn extra money. Storefronts of this kind usually have a catalogue of equipment for sale, their unit price, terms and conditions and the customer order form. Fortunately for you, our community are fairly imaginative and we have construction companies to help you with any infrastructure projects you have planned or dedicated maritime transport to get your country trading sooner. When you do create stores, we have prefixes to help organise the topics so you don't have to search for long.


  • The Global Assembly is the game equivalent of the United Nations and is controlled by our very own head moderator, Dutchy. Followed by our International Court of Justice led by chief justice and moderator, Odinson. We have important legislation from real-life adopted by the organisations to give them a strong, reliable foundation to build from. Like the real-life counterpart, joining the assembly is a permanent affair to avoid countries using political blackmail. You may open a resolution or advisory, which the Secretary General will approve if these are relevant. He will make an opening statement, inviting the representatives to the chamber where formal discussions take place.

    • The International Court of Justice is open to everyone, regardless of your membership to the Global Assembly. This means anyone can open a case against another and they can be heard objectively. This includes businesses operating internationally. Although the court is autonomous, the legislation passed by the assembly are still an integral part of the Justice System and will be used to determine jurisdiction in any open case. The composition of the court includes a permanent Chief Justice coupled with 2 Associate Justices who will be elected within-game. These Justices may come from any state, so long as the characters respect and recognize the Global Assembly as the principal of international law.



  • Unlike other nation simulators, we have an economy system which is automated. This helps to keep track of your national statistics, which show how your nation is fairing against others. Your transactions, which are productions and transfers made within-game and your current balance. These factors constantly change with your situation, so you may increase the health statistic by improving local hospitals or reduce crime by introducing more police officers. Spending large amounts of money may send you spiraling into debt, and the bank will charge 5% interest for the first two weeks, which will then rise by 5% until you recover. This is not always easy, unless you apply for loans or grants.

  • Your order options are create order, recruit, upgrade, national project and scrap, which are all things you'll need at one point in time. Creating orders is by far the most important as you need this for virtually any product you want within-game. Most products, excluding navy will likely fall into our vehicles category which can be found on the drop down menu of the form. Products you build must first be listed on the catalogue, which is a database of products and their prices. The second most used form is transfer which allows you to exchange money between two people. This is how you pay for goods within-game.