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[North Korea] Government

Sep 13, 2018
Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
[Workers' Party of Korea]
- Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea: Kim Jong-un
- Chairman of the Central Military Commission: Kim Jong-un
[Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea]
- Eternal General Secretary: Kim Jong-il
- First Secretary: Kim Jong-un
[Eternal leaders]
- Eternal President: Kim Il-sung
- Eternal General Secretary: Kim Jong-il
[State leaders]
- Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-un
- SPA Presidium President: Kim Yong-nam
- Premier: Pak Dong-ju
[State Affairs Commission]
- Chairman: Kim Jong-un
- Premier: Pak Dong-ju
- Vice Chairman: Hwang Pyong-so
[Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly]
- President: Kim Yong-nam
- Vice President: Yang Hyong Sop
- Secretary General: Hong Son Ok
[Supreme People's Assembly]
- Chairman: Choe Thae-bok
- Vice Chairman: Ri Hye Chun
- Premier: Pak Dong-ju
- Minister of Love (law and order): Kim Pyong Chun
- Minister of Peace (war and national defence): Yun Ryong Pae
- Minister of Plenty (economy and finances): Choe Sok Ju
- Minister of Truth (foreign and public relations): Kim Dong Yong