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Rádio e Televisão de Portugal


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) is the public service broadcasting organisation of the country. It operates four national television channels and three national radio stations, as well as several satellite and cable offerings.


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
With the fall of the monarchy in place since 1995 (Strix RP), the nation as returned to its 1974 roots and reemerged as a fully fleged Republic. The catastrophy that the monarchy left behind, as put by multiple politicians and civilians, will be sweepted away under the democratic and republican ideals in place since the 1910 revolution, albeit modernised for the turn of the century.​
Democratic elections have been held, with the Partido Socialista (the center left party of Portugal) winning by a land slide in the Assembly of the Republic, in the São Bento Palace.​
Mr Antonio Gueterres, the secretary-general of the party as been appointed as the new Prime Minister. His presence in the debates was ground shattering, winning by far each debate against each of the opposition leaders parties. His ideas and aspirations in social welfare, infrastructure and a stronger international presence was key to win. The new programs which he wants too implement to modernise the Health care system and School system include reconstructions of old hospital's and school's, with a clear focus on Superior Education, such as universities alongside modernisation, virtually won him the election.​
Greater focus will also be implemented in the industry and infrastructure, which again include modernisation and the construction of more industrial parks, factories and ports. He mentioned the construction of smaller airports to better connect the internal Airways, alongside a new International Airport near Coimbra and Leiria.​
The military will also receive more funding to allow a greater international presence, with the Navy receiving greater care due to the vastness of the Portuguese Territorial Sea and EEZ. Openings diplomatic channels with our European Partners, to allow for peaceful dialogue and cooperation.​
All these points in Mr. Gueterres agenda clearly made contact with the population, which meant he was clearly posed to win the 1999 election by a landslide. Having the majority in Assembly will clearly be vital in passing all these reforms without the possibility of being blocked by the opposition parties. However Mr. Gueterres made it clear that he will always speak with all the parties in the Assembly for greater scrutiny in passing reforms and for them to be a multipartisan effort, and he hopes that the opposition parties allow this.​



GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

The Prime Minister, Mr. Gueterres in conjuction with the President , Mr. Sampaio have released a joint statment from the São Bento Palace.​

The President would be the first to speak.​

"Good morning, in light of recent events happening the the state of Turkey, with the information, which we have reviewed and vetted to have the absolute surety of it's veracity, provided by the Congolese Government. The Portuguese Republic will have to vehemently condemn the atrocious acts by the state of Turkey. This bring a vile memory of Nazi German camps and genocide against the Jewish people.​

The world no longer as a place for these acts or these ideas, and the international community, must join together and say a strong no to this acts. We must act or we shall fail to not repeat history. Portugal will always defend the ideals of peace between all peoples, and properity. We are all born equals.​

The Prime Minister will now announce the measures that the government will take. Mr. Gueterres?"​

The Prime Minister would begin to speak from his own podium.​

"I make your words mine Mr. President, Portugal will not allow any nation go without consequences while performing this acts of pure monstrosity and ignorance. As such, after speaking with the President, I will summon the council of ministers to prepare precise sanctions against the state of Turkey, which will be published tomorrow coming into effect the day after that. They will have a variety of measures, however they will be but a small droplet as such we call on all nations to condenm these vile acts and impose their own sanctions, not against the people of Turkey, but against the government it itself. Only then will they have more impact.​

Thank you."​


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
Prime Minister Guterres has released a statement regarding the future of the Nation and its new endeavours. He would stand before his podium on the São Bento Palace, the official residence of the Prime Minister, and being speaking to the cameras.

"Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Portugal,
Today, I stand before you as your Prime Minister, humbled and resolute, to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation and the world at large. Our collective determination will be the driving force that shapes the future of our beloved Portugal. Together, we must forge a path towards a more sustainable, prosperous, and secure nation.

First and foremost, let us acknowledge the paramount importance of addressing climate change. Our beautiful country, with its diverse landscapes and natural wonders, is vulnerable to the impacts of global warming. We must act decisively to mitigate our carbon footprint and transition towards a greener future. I pledge to invest in renewable energy sources, promote sustainable practices in agriculture and industry, and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This is why my government is starting to shape various plans about new forms of energy sources, which will include wind power, solar power, bioenergy and hydroelectric. The matter of Nuclear power however is still in discussion.

Moreover, we cannot tackle climate change in isolation. It is a global challenge that demands a united effort. Portugal will take a leading role in international cooperation, especially in the Global Assembly, advocating for ambitious climate agreements and collaborating with other nations to find innovative solutions to combat this existential threat. As a nation deeply rooted in history and culture, we recognise the importance of peace and stability in Europe. We will actively engage with our European partners to foster a sense of unity and solidarity, ensuring that Europe, united, will remain a force for peace, democracy, and progress in the world. And I hope that our partners will see the same path.
Protecting our Atlantic coastline is a responsibility that lies at the heart of our identity as a maritime nation. We shall work diligently to safeguard our seas, preserving marine life, and combating illegal fishing and pollution. In doing so, we will create a sustainable balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. I am hopeful, that what occurred with the Thai incursion shall not happen, again.

Economic prosperity and viability is the cornerstone of our nation's progress. We shall bolster our industries by supporting research and innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, and nurturing small and medium-sized enterprises. By investing in cutting-edge technologies, we can enhance productivity and competitiveness on the global stage.

Furthermore, we recognise the importance of constructing a better, stronger industry in Portugal, be it the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. We shall prioritise the development of a skilled workforce, providing access to quality education and vocational training. Through these efforts, we will empower our people to thrive in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

Fellow citizens, the challenges before us are formidable, but so is our determination to overcome them. Let us unite, as we have done before, inspired by the strength of our 900 years history and the promise of a brighter future. Together, we can build our nation that is not only prosperous and sustainable but also a beacon of hope and progress for generations to come.
Thank you, and may we embark on this journey together with courage and conviction, as we did when our ships embarked into the unknown."



GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

The news would open at a different time of the day, interrupting a regular recorded program, the anchor would be totally dressed in black, and all design of the main Portuguese Channel would also display grey and black colours. After a great sigh and a look to the camera the Anchor, Antonio Esteves would announce a terrible news.

"A few moments ago, the Ajuda Palace announced the death of King Duarte Pio the Second, following a double car crash, in the highway connecting Lisbon and Porto, alongside him the Queen and both his sons have perished at the moment of contact. From what information the Ajuda Palace has given us, alongside the authorities, the main vehicle spun and crashed against the railing, with the subsequent second, where the sons of the king were, hit it from behind and overturning, causing the death of both his teenage sons. The Queen perished in the Hospital after sustaining to many grave injuries. One drive as been announced to also have perished in the Hospital, while the second driver as sustained great injuries but at the moment is stable. The Country mourns, the People mourns. With no apparent heir to the throne, the countries right now is on the tipping point of the scale, and the next few hours will dictate the future of the nation.

But for now, the country must heal from these wounds. We will continue to give you more information throughout the day."

The last image would be of the royal family, a family of four, in black and white, after that it would appear the royal symbol also in black, with the Portuguese anthem playing in the background.​


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
Another news later in the day, would come in. This time it would be the current Prime Minister of Portugal, issue a statement regarding the death of the royal family and the future of the nation. He would appear in the official residence of the Prime Minister, all draped in black. He would begin.

"The country mourns, the people mourn, early this morning I recieved the worst news a Prime Minister and friend can hear. The passing of our King, and the Royal Family. Such as not happen since the elder days of this nation. Our King as always vouched for prosperity, justice and the will to do good for his country. Every meeting with him was informative, and served to guide me and my government to rule for the people wellbeing and happiness. But, as he always said, the countries always comes first before the man. The country must go on, heavy in heart, but continue we must. For the next few days a period of a month of mourning will be established, and during this month the country will and must heal from this grave... grave news.

But as his majesty the King always said..the country first. I will not lie, we stand with no heir or royal family, and we must decide and plan for our future. But all in due time, for today we mourn, the death of our beloved King and our beloved Royal Family.

The Government will do what it must to keep the country running for this period of mourning. Stable and strong, resolute in its ideals and its path.

Thank you."


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
After two days, all over the news, especially this Main Portuguese Channel, the funeral procession would be conducted, all the bodies of the royal family would be put in a various blacken carriages pushed by black horses, followed Portuguese Officials, the Armed Forces, and the Royal Band. They would leave the Ajuda Palace, and make their way over to the Jeronimo Monastery, to be entombed in the Royal Crypts . Many nationals would be seen along the way saying their goodbyes.

Once they had arrived to the Monastery, the Funeral Mass would be conducted, with many personalities and officials, the Mass would take around 2 and half hours to be concluded. Upon its conclusion the caskets would be taken in a ceremoniously way into their respective tombs, while the band would play a more sombre Portuguese song, the song of the Portuguese Explorers. To signify that the Royal Portuguese Blood, will explore the the afterlife, as the Portuguese Explorers did many centuries ago, exploring the unknown.

With that, the news channel would end its transmission, with the Portuguese Flag


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

The Portuguese Prime Minister, now turned into a President would appear on the same podium as the King once held statements, in the Palácio de Belém, flanked by the Portuguese Flag and the Portuguese Monarchy Flag, signifying the change between Monarchy and Republic, but still honouring both.

"My fellow citizens, It is with a mourning heart that I speak to you today in the in the wake of an unforeseen and unprecedented tragedy. As we all know the entire royal family, including our monarch, King Duarte II, have tragically passed away in a accident in the start of this week. My deepest sympathies go out to those in mourning the loss of our esteemed monarch and his family.

In the face of this tragedy, we find ourselves forced to make the though decisions that align with our constitutional framework, that governs our nation.
As result... I must share to you, my fellow citizens, the necessity of our Portugal transitioning into a Republic. Of course this path is not one of choice but of obligation, a responsibility that the constitutional mandate instils onto us and guides our democratic principles.

As we navigate this transition, which will be challenging, I want to assure you that maintainging the peace and stability we so cherish remains our top priority. The ease this shift, and trying it to be as seamless as possible, all position of authority will be retained by their current holders for the next two years. This period, is essential to provide continuity in our governance, as we adjust to our new reality.

In light of these circumstances, I stand before you no longer as your Prime Minister, but as your President, I will assume the responsibilities required to guide our nation through this peroid of profound change. But I also appeals to your sense of unity and resilience that will help pave the path, this unity and resilience as always defines us as a people, through adversity we grow into some more grander.

Let us pay tribute to the memory our our beloved monarch and his family by upholding the principles of democracy that he so much loved and that helped shape our nation. Let unity be the cornerstone of our strength and may the spirit of democracy light our path forward.

The state will utilize the resources from the King's wealth to fund various constructions projects that will contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our nation, that he loved so much, and in homage to royal family, will stand as a testament to their legacy. A statue will be erected, facing the sea, a symbolic gesture capturing the spirit of exploration and the maritime history that has defined our nation throughout the ages, this statue will serve as a lasting tribute to our late King as he ventures into the unknown, serving also as a reminder of the strength and resilience of our nation.

May Portugal endure, emerging from this chapter of our history with bigger strength and unity that ever before. Thank you, and may God, bless Portugal and all its citizens."

The speech would end, and the image would change to a ceremony outside the São Bento Palace, changing the flags of the Monarchy into the Flag of the Republic, all across the nations this would be done in unison, in various state and official buildings beginning the transitional period in the eyes of the public.​
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GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

The Portuguese President would call for another press conference, to be transmited and translated to the world to. He would stand in the Podium of the Belem Palace, now named the House of Belém. Alongside him would be the portuguese flag and presidents coat of arms in the podium.

My fellow citizens of Portugal and friends around the world,

Today marks a important moment in our nation's history as we announce the reorganization of Portugal into a Republic, the Portuguese Republic. This decision is compelled by constitutional principles which are rooted in our commitment to democracy, justice, and the collective strength of our people.

As we make a new constitution, it will be inspired by the wisdom of Montesquieu, we acknowledge the importance of ensuring that the voice of every citizen is heard. Therefore I declare the establishment of a system where all districts in our country will have one elected official, known as Representative.

These Representatives, will serve as a direct link between the people and the Assembly, embodying the diverse voices and needs of each district. Through their dedicated service, we aim to strengthen local representation, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of every community are heard.

We also recognize the significant importance of proportionate representation in the Assembly. Each party's share of seats will reflect the individual votes cast throuhout the nation, ensuring a fair representation that mirrors the diverse political landscape of our nation.

The Executive office, will be led by a President alongside a Vice-President and his cabinet. The Vice-President will also serve a crucial role as the Speaker of the Assembly, tasked with breaking ties in the event of a deadlock, ensuring that the legislative process remains efficient and effective.

The President and Vice President will be elected through a process involving individuals chosen by all the parties in the nation, with seats in the assembly, alongside independants. These chosen individuals will be presented to the citizens, and through a national vote, one pair will be elected to lead our Republic.

Together, let us build a nation where democracy thrives, justice prevails. This moment will be a testament to the enduring spirit of our people, heavy in hearts but still pushing against adversity, against the storm and thunder to find our safe heaven, glorious in our purpose. Let us venture forth into the unknown, resolute and united, as ever before, mindful of what we leave behind and aware of the legacy we build for our future.

Thank you my fellow citizens, and may the Portuguese Republic be reborn!"


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018

After carefull investigations regarding the accident involving the Royal Family and King of Portugal, new concerningevidence has risen from the new Department of Justice investigation, headed by the Attorney General António Costa, we have, pending confirmation, reports that during the investigation of both SUVs it was discovered that the breaks of the Kings Convoy were tampered with, and possibly disabeled, alongside other safety measures. The Attorney General as refused to give a statement regarding this unconfirmed report, the investigation also points that both drivers did NOT have any alchool in their blood and were in total control of their impulses. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
After recent news, the President would once again give a statement to the nation. It could be noticed that he was hidding a great anger, under all that calm and composure.


"My fellow citizens, and the world watching,

We unfortunally are looking into an unthinkable tragedy, later this days our Department of Justice, after carefull examination and compilation of the debrie of the Car Crash that took the lifes of our Royal Family, find the most disturbing of news. It had, the hand of man.

This perpetrator, sucesfully evade all the security protocoles and disabeled the breaking system of the Kings Cars, causing the crash of both and the death of all those innocent lifes.

The suspects of this heinous act sought to break our nation. They sought to break our spirit and resolve, and chokehold our future.
But. let. me. be. clear."

These last words had poison on them, cutting through the microphone like a booming voice of a lion, a supressed anger.

"Portugal...shall not be broken. We will rise, fueled by a a great sense of resolve and commitment to justice...that will know no bounds. And I say on to those who believe they can escape the consequences of their malevolence and vile hate..." The anger of the man would start to be shown, not a uncontrolable rage, but a calm anger.

"Hear this...Portugal will hunt you down with an unwavering determination. Be it today, tomorrow, or even a decade from now....our pursuit of you will be relentless and unstoppabble. You can run but you will tire, but you cannot hide for we will find you be it in any corner of this good earth, nothing can save you from the unyielding might of the Portugal's anger. There will be no sanctuary, no refuge, no safe place that you can find, for we will find you. This pursuit for justice is not bound by time or is a force fueled by the righteous anger of a nation wronged......and united in one purpose."
He would look straight into the camera, with fire in his eyes.

"In the face of this adversity, let the this world be witness to the fury and unrelentless of Portugal's resolve. We will not merely seek justice.... we. shall. impose it. The weight of our response will be felt by those who dared to assail our unity... our nation." He would pause for a brief moment.

"We stand united against this darkness, against this enemy. Let this be a turning point, a moment in this dark time where we reclaim and gather our strength and rebuild this nation with a defiance that echoes through the all the ages of our world. The memory of our Royal Family... our KING and QUEEN....will not be tarnished. It will be a rallying cry for a Portugal reborn from them, like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, we shall burn with a glory of a thousand suns." He would again pause and end the speech with a single phrase.

"For those who created this unthinkable tragedy, our pursuit of justice will be swift, unrelenting, and decisive. For the clock is ticking against you."

The he would leave the podium, without saying any other word, however this speech would echo through the nation like a bell, sounding for war.​


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
After the success of the operation, the President of Portugal would immediately schedule a press statement for the nation, he would be standing again in his podium with a glitter of hope in his eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens,

Today, as we stand on the breath of justice, I am reminded of the profound symbolism that encapsulates our journey in the wake of the tragic assassination of our cherished monarchy a few weeks prior. In our pursuit of those who wish to cast shadows upon our nation, we have chosen to withhold their names and the identity of their malevolent group. Like phantoms, they shall remain nameless, their identities lost in the mists of anonymity. We refuse to etch their names in the ledger of our history, denying them the recognition they so desperately sought when they tried to defeat us.

This deliberate act of obscurity serves as an example, for in choosing not to dignify their deeds with acknowledgment, we relegate them to the realm of the forgotten. Their aspirations to be etched in the chronicles of infamy will be thwarted, and their impact on our history shall be as fleeting as shadows in the fading light. Furthermore, our collective commitment to healing and renewal by cabinet as decided that the records of their names and lives will be expunged from our national archives, in doing so, we are removing the stain of their actions from the canvas of our national story. As we navigate these new waters, let us remain steadfast in our unity, an unyielding lighthouse guiding us through the storm. The strength of our resolve, the brilliance of our shared commitment to justice, and the shadows of our past gradually dissipating in the dawn of a new era.

This is not just a response to a past transgression but a forward-looking statement, cautioning anyone and any group who may contemplate acts that threaten the sanctity of our democratic principles and the unity of our people. Know that, Portugal will never back down and will find you in your most intimate personal moments to bring you to justice.

I must also thank our security forces and our intelligence community, our boys worked relentlessly to find those responsible, working day and night trying to find even a sliver of proof. I thank them wholeheartedly for their commitment to our security.

May the souls of our fallen leaders rest in peace knowing that these individuals were brought to justice., and may Portugal emerge from this trial and challenge stronger, more united, and poised to script a future illuminated by the unwavering light of justice.
Thank you, and may God bless Portugal."​


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
A Step Towards Transparency


In a landmark move in Portugal, President Guterres has issued the Executive Order for Advancing Integrity and Combatting Corruption, a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in all levels of governance positions. The executive order, which introduces a range of measures, has elicited a variety of responses from different political factions, with the Portuguese Communist Party voicing its outrage.

The political parties of the center and center-left applaud it as a significant step towards enhancing transparency in government affairs. They commend the President for prioritizing integrity and accountability, asserting that the measures introduced will strengthen public trust and foster a culture of responsible governance. Supporters highlight the strengthened protections for whistleblowers and the emphasis on financial transparency as pivotal elements of the executive order. They believe these measures will act as deterrents to corrupt practices and pave the way for a more accountable government. In a surprising turn of events, the Center Right Party, PSD (Partido Social Democrata), has expressed a willingness to work collaboratively with the Center Left Party, PS (Partido Socialista), to address the critical issue of corruption. This unexpected display of bipartisanship has sparked speculation and cautious optimism among political analysts. The PSD, traditionally positioned on the center-right of the political spectrum, has conveyed a genuine commitment to join forces with the PS to tackle corruption head-on. Party leaders from both sides are engaging in preliminary discussions to explore potential areas of collaboration within the framework of the recent Executive Order for Advancing Integrity and Combatting Corruption.

With the PSD leadership stating; "We recognize the severity of the corruption issue and the importance of bipartisan efforts in addressing it. Our party is willing to set aside political differences to work constructively with the PS on effective anti-corruption measures. The well-being of our nation demands a united front against corruption, and we believe this collaboration is a step in the right direction."

PS President has responded positively to the overture, stating the following: "We appreciate the willingness of the PSD to engage in bipartisan discussions on such a crucial matter. Corruption affects the foundations of our democracy, and finding common ground is essential. We look forward to fruitful discussions and jointly devising strategies to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability,"

While acknowledging the importance of combating corruption, critics from the Communist Party expressed skepticism about the true intentions behind the executive order. In a charged press conference, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) pulled no punches in delivering a scathing rebuke to the President, stating the following: "Today, we unveil the President's grand illusion! A masterclass in deception..... What they call a commitment to anti-corruption measures is nothing but a veiled attempt to mask their own incompetence! This isn't leadership.... it's a charade, a farce!. The President, in his desperate bid for political survival, is orchestrating theatrics to distract from the failling of his policies. Portuguese citizens deserve more than these deceptive maneuvers. We won't be hoodwinked by this farce, it's time to expose the true face behind the mask, revealing a leader who prioritizes deception over genuine action."

The President as already commented on thos PCP views, by saying during a routine visit to a Public School; "Well, it seems the PCP has discovered my secret career as a magician! Orchestrating grand illusions on Fridays in the Rossio.... However, in reality, our commitment to anti-corruption measures is as real and fogless as it gets. Accusations of deception are a bit rich coming from a party that's been MIA on collaboration in the Senate and the House. Let's stick to facts, not fiction. The collaboration with PSD and the PS isn't smoke and mirrors; it's genuine bipartisanship. Time to cut through the theatrics and focus on the real work."

As the nation grapples with diverse reactions to this bold initiative, the coming days are likely to see intensified debate and discussions surrounding the implications of the Executive Order for Advancing Integrity and Combatting Corruption.


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
Unveiling Portugal's Future Legislation


The Partido Socialista (PS) has unveiled a groundbreaking proposal which will be talked about in the House of Representatives, the Economic Growth and Social Welfare Act. The PS designed to chart a new course for Portugal's economic and social landscape. The multifaceted legislation, proposed by the PS, aims to create a balanced economic prosperity which will go hand in hand with social well-being, and will work to solidify the work done by the President Executive Orders.

At its core, the bill introduces a comprehensive support program for entrepreneurs and small businesses, combining tax incentives, low-interest loans, and streamlined regulatory and beurocratic processes. The allocation of funds towards the education segment and workforce development targets the modernization of the curriculum and skills development aligned with emerging industries such as clean energy.
Sustainable infrastructure development, a tourism enhancement program, and incentives for research and development underscore the bill's commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and economic diversification.

The Bloco de Esquerda (BE) and Livre have shown to support the legislation, lauding the bill for addressing social inequalities, promoting environmental sustainability, and creating opportunities for marginalized communities. They see it as a progressive step towards a more inclusive and environmentally conscious Portugal.

However, Partido Social Democrata (PSD) remains cautious towards the legislation, expressing concerns about potential financial burdens on businesses, so it will try to work with the Partio Socialista on that front. While acknowledging the positive intent, the PSD calls for a measured approach to ensure the bill's provisions do not inadvertently strain the private sector.

Partido Comunista Português (PCP) having recently opposed the previous executive order, is cautious, while talks within the party indicated that they will fight against the bill. The PCP continues to be unsupportive of the Cabinet and the majority party ever since talks broken down between both parties regarding the previous Anti-Corruption Executive order.

Ana Rodrigues, Political Analyst, praises the PS for presenting a holistic legislative framework that addresses the dual imperatives of economic growth and social welfare. "This is a visionary step towards a Portugal that values both economic dynamism and the well-being of its citizens. The bill's focus on sustainable development and social inclusivity is a commendable approach for navigating the complex challenges of our time."

Ricardo Silva, Economic Analyst, expresses reservations about the potential ramifications on the business landscape. "While the intentions are noble, the bill's extensive provisions might inadvertently burden businesses. The private sector needs assurance that the proposed measures won't hinder their operations. A more nuanced approach, balancing economic growth and business stability, is imperative. Which is why I believe the PSD decision will be paramount for this bill to either pass towards the Senate, or fizzel out. It is remarkble that they will try to protect the private sector."

As Portugal stands at this legislative crossroads, the divergent opinions of political commentators underscore the complexity of the Economic Growth and Social Welfare Act and the critical decisions that lie ahead for the nation. As of now, the bill is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives, and after a seven day discussion it will be voted on to be approved by the House and moved to the Senate.



GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
In a consequential session at the House of Representatives, lawmakers engaged in detailed deliberations on the revised Economic Growth and Social Welfare Act. The proceedings witnessed a thorough examination of key provisions and elicited nuanced responses from representatives representing diverse political perspectives.

Key discussions centered on the proposal, from the Partido Social Democrata (PSD), for the establishment of a Small Business Support Center. Other proposals included allocation of funds for education and workforce development, sustainable infrastructure initiatives, a targeted tourism enhancement program to bring more tourists to the nation regardless of the season, incentives for research and development, and expanded social welfare programs. The conference also included a proposal for a national digital transformation initiative. The conference also discussed implementation of inclusive economic policies, and a commitment to ambitious climate action goals. In the end, the new bill reflects this discussion ,however, it is evident that the Partido Comunista Português (PCP) was marginalized, and their proposals were disregarded, primarily on the grounds that their inclusion would compromise the essence of the bill, transforming it from a Partido Socialista (PS) initiative into a PCP-driven agenda.

In the end, various Representatives issues a few statements on the behalf if their Parties;

Representative Ana Silva, speaking on behalf of the Partido Socialista (PS), expressed satisfaction with the collaborative efforts that led to the revised bill. "Today's discussions were fruitful and constructive. We are pleased with the outcome, especially the amendments addressing concerns about small business owners. It demonstrates our commitment to inclusivity and broad support."

Representative Rodrigo Santos from the Partido Social Democrata (PSD) announced the party's support for the revised Economic Growth and Social Welfare Act. "After careful consideration of the proposed amendments, we find the bill aligns more closely with our vision. The adjustments made, particularly concerning small business owners, were crucial for gaining our support. We believe this bill can lay the foundation for a more prosperous Portugal. Business owners, can always count on the PSD to protect their rights and their businesses"

Representative Carlos Almeida of Bloco de Esquerda (BE) acknowledged the collaborative effort but expressed reservations about the Small Business Support Center. "While we appreciate the overall effort, we question the necessity of the Small Business Support Center, the primary focus of the bill should be the worker and the people. Our focus remains on broader economic and social measures. Nevertheless, we continue to endorse the bill's overall objectives, even if the PSD's proposal must be added."

Representative Fernandes, representing the Partido Comunista Português (PCP), maintained strong opposition to the revised bill. "This bill egregiously falls short of addressing the fundamental concerns of the working class. It's a slap in the face to our unwavering commitment to the people!! The proposed measures not only fail the working class but also expose a disturbing departure from the principles of social justice that our party vehemently upholds and that the country should uphold. It's disheartening that the Partido Socialista (PS) has not only caved to but actively embraced capitalistic measures, allowing the Partido Social Democrata (PSD) to infiltrate and taint our legislative landscape. This move is nothing short of a betrayal to the people, a shameless capitulation to the very forces we've fought against. It's a sad day when the party that claims to champion workers' rights embraces a Trojan horse of capitalist ideals, betraying the very essence of our collective struggle. The so-called compromises in this bill are a charade, a deliberate attempt to distract from the erosion of our values. It's a disgraceful spectacle, a mockery of our principles, and a disservice to the very people we aim to protect. Moreover, the fact that... most business owners will restructure their companies to be eligible for funds is a glaring testament to the duplicitous nature of this legislation! It is undermining the very fabric of economic justice!"
(Due to the Executive Order - #002 - the RTP - Rádio Televisão de Portugal as marked this statement as incoherent and borderline false, reader discretion is advised as it may contain misinformation)

Representative Lima of LIVRE expressed support for the revised Economic Growth and Social Welfare Act. "LIVRE continues to endorse the bill as a step in the right direction. Despite reservations expressed by some, we see it as embodying progressive values. We look forward to its positive impact on Portugal's economic and social fabric."

The Bill, will now continue its legislation path, being submitted to voting tomorrow.

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