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[Republic of Taiwan]: Presidential Election of 2013

Jul 1, 2018

Presidential Election of 2013
Public Knowledge
Republic of Taiwan introduces Presidential Elections of 2013. Current President of Taiwan, Madame President Ing-wen is participating the Election. Other two major political parties such as New Power's Party and Kuomintang will take part of this presidential elections. Taiwanese Government is proud to announce new ballot questions which will determine and earn the trust of Taiwanese People. The Election will be Three major parts. Primary Election, Final Election and Electoral Voting System. The Final Election will not determine rightful owner of Presidential Seat because it is only population based votes. In this election, there will be 6 ballot questions and after that 3 more will be added to the ballot question during the final elections. Electoral Voting will choose right candidates for the President of Taiwan. In this voting, Legislators, Senators, Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries will choose by new Taiwanese President.

During the Question and Answers, all reporters from respected countries are allowed to ask question to each candidates. Republic of Taiwan invites all reporters and journalists from all countries for Presidential Election of 2013 coverage.




Democratic Progressive Party​

Kuomintang Party​

New Power Party​


--Anti Communist
--Social liberalism
--Taiwanese independence
--Taiwanese nationalism
--Anti- Nazism


---Three Principles of the People
---Chinese nationalism
---Liberal conservativism

--Left-wing populism
--Social democracy
--Taiwan independence
--Direct democracy

Tsai Ing-wen (President) & Chen Chien-jen (Vice President) [Democratic Progressive Party] - Current Government

Ma Ying-jeou (Candidate for President) & Vincent Siew (Candidate for VP)- [Kuomintang Party]

Huang Kuo-chang (Candidate for President) & Freddy Lim (Candidate for VP) - [New Power Party]

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Jul 1, 2018

Presidential Election of 2013
Public Knowledge- Live Telecast

After intense primary voting, Tsai Ing-wen & Chen Chien-jen [Democratic Progressive Party] has gained 62.5% votes and won the primary election. Ma Ying-jeou (Candidate for President) & Vincent Siew (Candidate for VP)- [Kuomintang Party] has gained 50% of votes and became runners-up in the primary election. Other New People's Party, Communist Party has lost the election due to they are newbie in the Taiwanese Politics. Power has shown whose popular and whose foe. Communist Party has no place in Taiwanese Politics and deserves no right to make Taiwan Unified with PRC.

However, there were 6 questions in the ballot of Primary Elections. They will enact by the Executive Yuan after the election is over. Here's the results of those ballot questions:

1. Should Taiwan be recognize as "Independent Nation?" (Yes- 95.8% & No- 8.3%)
2. Should Taiwan be Unified with China? (Yes- 16.7%, No- 91.7%, & Maybe- 8.3%)
3.Taiwanese Government is willing to spend billions of Taiwanese Dollars for Mandatory Health Insurance for it's people. Should Taiwan provide free insurances for all people or not? Should Health Insurances control under the Taiwan Government or Private Sectors? (Yes- 16.7%) & (No- 91.7%)
4.Should Taiwan hold communism? If so, are you wishing to see new government name "Republic of Taiwan (existing) or People's Republic of Taiwan?" (Yes- PRT- 33.3%, No- ROT- 83.3%)
5.Should Taiwan abolish Capital Punishment? (Yes- 41.7%, & No- 70.8%, Maybe- 12.5%)
6.Should government of Taiwan introduce Gaming & Lottery Commission? (Yes- 87.5%, No- 33.3%)

Above all, Those law will enacted very soon. Both Winner & Runner's Up Political Team will face Secondary & Electoral Votes. Stay Tuned!!

#Make Taiwan Great Again!!