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[SER] Bridge the Divide


Srpska is SERB
GA Member
Oct 18, 2022
1678880301865.png REPUBLIC OF SERBIA 1678880360672.png
With the Rise of the SPO there has been an increased rise of catholic christians in serbia, growing from only around 5% of the total serb population to a total of 23% of all serbians. with them calling for a traditional crowing of the new monarch in serbia. The Rise in catholicism seems to be caused by a small political party that is doing a large amount of propaganda getting serbs to convert to catholicism to "Bridge the Divide" and heal the great schism. Aswell with the new "Liberal" Pope managing to rally the many liberals of our nation. The current head of the serbian orthodox church fails to make a response. This is growing a religious divide between the people with minor cases of riots across the nation from catholics requesting, no DEMANDING that serbia makes an attempt to unite the 2 churches once more. With the violence the president makes a speech from the Palace of Belgrade. he walks onto the balcony to begin the speech.

*Ahem* "People of Serbia, I stand before you today as a man of change. We in the government of serbia believe in change, we believe in freedom and we believe in speech. With the current riots, we have heard your demand. and as head of the government we will see through the demand to open talks with the vatican." A loud outcry of both cheer and anger bursts from the crowd. Yet Milan continues, " Yet for the orthodox we will never remove or attempt to attack the orthodox church in serbia. Orthodox may always operate in serbian borders." The crowd was silent. Days later the riots had stopped and milan picked up his pen and looked to a paper on his desk

Dear, your holiness Ender