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Thailand to Greece | Floating Solar Farm Investment


I am From Thailand
GA Member
World Power
May 4, 2021


To: <Alexander Detry, President of the Republic of Greece> Calicoboi
From: <>
Subject: Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installment Investment on the Kremasta Dam
Security Type: Secure Encrypted Method - Protect by NIA Counter-Intelligence Service

President Alexander Detry,

On behalf of Thailand, I am writing to express our sincere interest in further strengthening the historic and friendly ties between our two nations. We recognize the importance of our bilateral relationship and acknowledge Greece's valuable contributions to the global community. With this spirit of collaboration in mind, Thailand proposes an initiative that could further solidify our partnership. We are interested in exploring the potential investment of $25 million to construct a Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation on the Kremasta Dam. The Thai Ministry of Energy has conducted a detailed feasibility study indicating that this project could conservatively generate 13.5 MWh of energy and cover approximately 2,955.45 square meters with floating solar panels and structures We believe this project presents a valuable opportunity to contribute to Greece's renewable energy goals, promote technological advancement, and foster a mutually beneficial collaboration. Thailand welcomes the opportunity to engage in further discussions with your esteemed office to explore the feasibility and potential benefits of this proposal.

Thailand remains committed to exploring the potential of a collaborative investment in Greece, such as the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation project presented earlier. We emphasize that any such investment would be a joint undertaking, arrived at through open and constructive dialogue with your esteemed office and relevant Greek authorities. Thailand is deeply committed to sustainability efforts and acknowledges Greece's historic contributions to advancing these goals on the global stage. We believe that our two nations share a common vision for the future, one where collaboration and innovation pave the way for a more environmentally friendly and prosperous world for generations to come.

Thailand is proud to share its experience and expertise in renewable energy through the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation project. Developed by the Renewable Energy Training and Research Institute (RETRI) of Thailand, this innovative technology offers a promising solution for advancing sustainability efforts globally. Thailand shares a strong commitment to fostering international collaboration on renewable energy development. We believe that our expertise in both floating infrastructure construction and efficient solar panel technology, currently operating at a effective capacity of 2.7 MW, can contribute significantly to this shared goal. By working together, Thailand and Greece can unlock the full potential of the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation. This collaboration not only holds immense potential for reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change, but also presents economic opportunities through job creation and enhanced energy security for both our nations.

Thailand acknowledges that any potential investment in Greek energy infrastructure, including the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation, would naturally involve considerations and questions. We are fully committed to addressing any concerns raised by Greece with transparency, mutual respect, and a spirit of cooperation. We are prepared to work closely with the Greek authorities, including conducting a thorough and scientific environmental impact assessment. We believe that through open dialogue and a commitment to understanding each other's perspectives, Thailand and Greece can find common ground and reach mutually beneficial decisions that respect Greek sovereignty and the will of its people. Thailand reiterates its genuine interest in collaborating with your administration on this and other initiatives. This proposal aligns with our broader commitment to strengthening relationships with European nations, including our existing alliances.

Thailand remains committed to the long-term success and sustainability of this potential collaboration. We are open to adapting the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Installation project to accommodate evolving circumstances or technological advancements, fostering a collaborative and flexible approach throughout the process. To further explore the project's feasibility and address any potential concerns, we propose a meeting between Thai and Greek Energy Ministers and their respective expert teams. This meeting, ideally held in Greece with a site visit to the Kremasta Dam, would allow for a comprehensive discussion and collaborative planning. Thailand values ongoing dialogue as a cornerstone of successful international partnerships. We are confident that open communication will facilitate the smooth implementation of this project, should it move forward.


Thaksin Shinawatra
Prime Minister
Republic of Thailand

Digital Diplomatic Communication​


GA Member
Jan 21, 2024
Dear Prime Minister of Thailand
We will accept this deal and will propose next month as a good time to have the meeting. We will have our head of construction and the vice-president there.

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