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The History of Brazil 1985-1994


The Empire of the Americas
GA Member
Nov 14, 2019
1985 - 1989: The end of the Military Dictatorship and the first Civil Government of Brazil

Ulysses Guimarães, President of the National Assembly, holds up a copy of the new Brazilian Constitution.

With the end of the Military Dictatorship, elections were held for a new democratically elected President by the Electorate College. the winner of the coming elections was Tancredo Neves, However, he died before he could take office, Vice President José Sarney would come to take the position instead, his government marked the end of the Military Government and in 1988 the new Brazilian Constitution was signed.

President José Sarney.

Sarney's Government, was initially successful, Opening relations with Portuguese speaking nations in Africa and Re-Opening Relations with Cuba. However, Sarney would leave Brazil in a precarious economic state, throughout his government, Brazil went through 3 different currencies and 4 different economic plans that ultimately failed, Sarney's government ended in Economic Recession.

1989 - 1992: Collor, the Last President of Brazil and the First Latin American President ever Impeached.

Sights on the coming 1989 elections were hopeful, with Brazil's suffering economy brought forth by the previous government, the 1989 elections were seen as a hope for a new and better Brazil, with Elections dragging on to the 2nd round, the winner, in the end, was Fernando Collor de Melo, who would go on to become the first Brazilian president to be elected by a Direct Election.

President Fernando Collor.

The Collor Economic Plan was created in an attempt to combat the high inflation that Brazil faced at the time, but it was a failure, the government's popularity steeply declined, especially after all Brazilians had all of their savings in the banks stripped and taken by the government as part of the Economic Plan, A Large movement grew in support of an Impeachment against Collor, the request for the President's Impeachment was conceded, with a majority victory for the Impeachment, However, before the vote was finished, Collor resigned from his position, maintaining his political rights.

Collor leaving the Presidency

It was the end of what many hoped would be the Government of a "New Brazil", but instead it was nothing but a lie wrapped in corruption and an irresponsible administration, Itamar Franco, Vice-President, Would take the vacant position left by Collor in 1992, marking an end to the short-lived Collor Government.

President Itamar Franco

1993 - 1994: The 1993 Referendum and the end of the Republic.

Following the Constitution, a Referendum would be made in 1993 to decide on Brazil's future and what government it would have. Predictions aimed for an easy Republican victory, Brazil's population was as divided as ever.

The Monarchist movement, small at the time, was in steady growth, however, still had a long way to go if it was to secure victory in the coming referendum, the biggest obstacles was the presidential front, formed by the majority of the parties of Brazil, and especially, the Worker's Party, one of the biggest parties of Brazil at the time.

Campaign Slogan of the Monarchist Front. "Vote on the King"

Many figures within the Brazilian Right saw the "Presidential Front" as nothing but a political strategy by the Left to gain the support of the common Brazilian population, and so, to attempt and counter the "Presidential Front", The Brazilian National Movement, from the Center and Right-Wing of Brazil, was born.

The Brazilian National Movement Party supported the Monarchist movement and became the go-to party for those who supported the restoration and a "New Brazil".

Monarchist rally in São Paulo.

Through various connections & Crowdfunding, the BNM Managed to secure more broadcast space and budget for the Monarchist Movement, the Monarchist Front was allowed more air time on one of the biggest TV channels on Brazil, SBT.

On the day of the vote, the Monarchist Movement managed to win a close victory in the vote, securing the restoration of the Empire and the End of the Republic.

A new Transitional Government was formed, it would be led by Itamar Franco for the duration of 1993 and 1994, during that time, the Brazilian National Movement Party, alongside the Brazilian Royal Family, would start the process of restoration of the Monarchy. The Republic had come to a shameful end, and in its place, the Empire rose once more.
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