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The Royal Estate


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Sep 6, 2018

The Royal Estate

The Royal Estate is a trust created to run government and sovereign owned assets that do not require direct oversight by the government. All employees and directors involved with the running of Royal Estate affiliated companies are forbidden from being members of The Royal Diet, as stated in Article 20 of The Ottoman Constitution. However, this does not prohibit the presence of an observer, which exists in the form of Chancellor Of The Royal Estate. The chancellor has no authority to make decisions related to anything, however they are present on The Board Of Trustees as an observer for the sitting government, and act as chairperson during meetings.

The Board Of Trustees
Consisting of the government appointed Chancellor Of The Royal Estate, who acts as the chairman, but lacks any authority over decisions made by The Board, and the directors of organisations that constitute parts of The Royal Estate, The Board Of Trustees meets semi-regularly to report to The Chancellor on financial matters, who will then relay the information provided to the government, and discuss and coordinate any joint ventures being considered. The overall function is for The Board to ensure the continuing profitability of The Royal Estate for the purpose of funding both the government and The Sovereign.

Chancellor Of The Royal Estate

Hamdi Kemal

Postmaster General

Ekim Gurbuz

Chairman of The Royal
Bank Of Turkey

Ucanok Gulen

Chairman of The Royal
Ottoman Logistics Company

Gokce Cicek

Organisations Currently Owned By The Royal Estate

Company Name



Royal Mail
(Kraliyet Postası)

Sole provider of postal services. In addition, it is the sole provider of other forms of communication, such as telegraph, telephone and the internet via itself or its subsidiaries.

The senior figure of this company is The Postmaster General, currently being held by Ekim Gurbuz.​


(Internet/Telephone Service Provider)

The Royal Ottoman Bank
(Kraliyet Osmanlı Bankası)

Acting as the central bank of Turkey, The Royal Ottoman Bank also provides financial services to customers of all types. At the present time, the chairman is Ucanok Gulen.​


The Royal Ottoman Logistics Company
Kraliyet Osmanlı Lojistik Şirketi)

A manufacturer of buses, taxis and rail stock. They also perform all maintenance on publicly owned road, rail and water routes, as expected from Article 22 of The Ottoman Constitution. Its subsidiary, Royal Rail, is the sole provider of providing and coordinating freight and passenger trains.

The current chairman is Gokce Cicek.

Royal Rail
Kraliyet Demiryolu)

(Train Operator)