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The Volunteer Councils of the Free Confederation


Free Confederation of Colombia
GA Member
Oct 11, 2020
Volunteer Councils of the Free Confederation
Volunteer Council of Contract Management - This Volunteer Council is responsible for the documentation of Contracts signed between Syndicates of the Union, ensuring no errors are made nor unfair contracts granted. This extends to contracts signed on the individual level, stipulating the services and conditions traded between individual, Ward, and Syndicate.

Volunteer Council of Foreign Affairs - This Volunteer Council is responsible for the oversight of diplomats abroad and foreign emissaries in the Union. It manages the cycling of diplomats, ensures proper living for those abroad, and allows foreign officials to live the Confederal lifestyle. To address the Confederation, a foreign country would send whatever message to "The Volunteer Council of Foreign Affairs." Embassies in other countries are their own small Syndicates.

Volunteer Council of Safety - This Volunteer Council ensures that all Syndicates are following top of the line safety procedures for their workers, including the Confederal-wide protection of LGBT, minority, disabled, and mentally ill people. These guidelines are outlined in every individual contract and required to be included under every Syndicate contract.

Volunteer Council of Credit and Exchange - This Volunteer Council is the larger part of smaller Syndicate and Ward levels of Councils of Economy. This deals with the distribution of foreign goods into the Union, as well as the sale of excess products abroad to be taken into a distributed credit system.

Volunteer Council of Civil Protection - This Volunteer Council deals with the overall Civil Defense of the Union in times of war, and ensures Syndicates are properly training what Civil Protectors they may have. The Civil Protection Corps is also the emergency response unit most similar to police of other countries and community watch.

Volunteer Council of Health and Social Protection - This Volunteer Council deals with ensuring contracts are made to supply every Syndicate with proper hospitals, doctors, nurses, and healthcare.

Volunteer Council of Education - This Volunteer Council deals with ensuring contracts are made to construct schools, hire teachers, and distribute education properly across every Syndicate.

Volunteer Council of Housing - This Volunteer Council deals with ensuring the distribution of construction materials and manpower through contracts with Syndicates.

Volunteer Council of Culture - This Volunteer Council is a Union-wide assurance that the cultures of every Syndicate are being maintained and proudly pronounced.