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UK | Agreement for Student Exchange Program


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Jan 6, 2018

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Agreement for Student Exchange Program for the Thai and British student
The Republic of Thailand’s University
The United Kingdom’s University

This Agreement for Student Exchange Program ("Agreement") is entered into as of the date of last signature below between The Republic of Thailand ("Thailand") and The United Kingdom ("UK"). Thailand and UK agree to establish a reciprocal student exchange program for the education and cultural enrichment of Thailand and UK ("Parties.") universities under the following terms:

1. Each institution in the UK agrees to send individual students for a semester or an academic year to each institution in Thailand. Each institution in Thailand agrees to send individual students for a semester or an academic year to each institution in the UK.

2. During the term of this agreement, each UK and Thailand university may send up to five (5) students per calendar year, including graduate students, to be enrolled at the other universities. The number of students may be modified from time to time by mutual agreement.

3. Students participating in this exchange shall be exempt from paying tuition and regular academic fees that typically apply to the host institution. The student shall pay whatever fees are required of them by their home institution to participate in the program and any special fees that may apply to them at the host institution. An example of a special fee is the cleaning fee of $5, which only students in the Thailand university must pay. The host institution must provide information regarding such special fees in advance.

4. Under the terms of this Agreement, each university shall make reasonable efforts to assist participating students in suitable housing. The payment of such housing, together with the payment for all travel, medical insurance, medical costs not covered by insurance, food, subsistence costs, books, and other educational materials, shall be the sole responsibility of the UK. Neither home nor host university shall be held liable for any such charges. Students selected shall satisfy the home university they have adequate funds for transportation to and from the host university and subsistence. Students must also provide any financial documentation the host universities require for visa purposes. Obtaining and maintaining appropriate visa status is the responsibility of the student. The host institution will provide documentation and forms as necessary.

5. Participating students will be selected by their home institution based on the following criteria. There may be exceptions in appropriate cases.

The student shall:

a. Be citizens or permanent residents of the country of their home university, or hold a valid temporary resident visa for that country.

b. Have completed at least one (1) year of full-time study at the home institution.

  • GPA requirement: 2.75
  • Required scores of the English language test (The scores should not be more than 2 years)
  • iBT: 79
  • CBT: 213
  • PBT: 550
  • overall band: 6.0
1. For those exchange students who wish to attend Thai Language programs at the Department of Thai, they are required to submit the Thai language test and be fluent in all four language skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Please note that each program/faculty has its own requirements which all students have to abide by and they have to carefully go through these requirements. Some programs strictly require a language certificate but for some programs, language requirements are flexible. Thus, the OIA decided to recommend that all students have an IELTS or TOEFL score record as mentioned

1. A student’s passport photo on white background
2. Two reference letters from academic advisors
3. An official academic transcript (to be issued by the institution the students are attending)
4. An English proficiency score record (for non-native speakers of English)
5. A copy of the first page of the passport
6. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) of 500-800 words
7. A list of the courses offered by the university that the students wish to attend (Wishlist)

6. Under the terms of this Agreement, participating students are required to meet the admissions requirements of the host university. The Universities will make every effort to forward applications for exchange at least four (4) months before the academic term starts. Each university reserves the right to reject candidates, in which case further candidates may be proposed. The exact program of study will be determined by the student with the approval of academic advisers at both the home and host institutions.

7. Exchange students may apply to any academic program offered at the host institution, but the host institution reserves the right to exclude students from programs with restricted enrollment. All students will remain enrolled as regular degree candidates at the home institution and they will not be enrolled as candidates for degrees at the host institution. Credits toward the students’ degrees are to be awarded by the home institution. Students are expected to maintain the equivalent of a full-time course load at the host institution.

8. The cooperating institutions will provide each other with adequate information on the performance of participating students, including a transcript (or its equivalent) as soon as practicable after the students complete the exchange.

9. Students participating under the terms of this Agreement shall be subject to the rules, regulations, and codes of conduct of the host institution. The host institution shall have the right to terminate the exchange program with respect to any student who violates the host university’s
policies or rules.

Exchange students will have the rights and privileges enjoyed by other students on the host campus. In addition, neither institution may discriminate (as defined by Thailand laws) against a student based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, sexual
orientation, age, or veteran’s status.

10. Students participating under the terms of this Agreement shall be entitled to participate in any introductory courses or programs that may customarily be arranged for foreign students at the host institution.

11. The relationship of the Parties to this Agreement is that of independent contractors.

12. This Agreement may be modified at any time in writing and signed by Parties.

13. This Agreement shall take effect as of the 2000-2005 academic year and be valid for five (5) years. During the fourth year, renewal for an additional five (5) year period will be considered. Parties may, by notice in writing of no less than six (6) months, terminate this Agreement. However, any students who have commenced their exchange experience at either university at the date of termination may complete their courses of study.

14. Neither Parties may assign any of its rights or delegate its duties under this Agreement without the written consent of the other party.

15. The UK shall indemnify and save harmless Thailand university, its
officers, its agents, and its employees from all loss, cost, and expense arising out of any liability or claim of liability for injury or damages to persons or property sustained or claimed to have been sustained by any one whomsoever, because of the performance of this Agreement, by any act or omission of Thailand or any of its officers, agents, employees, guests, patrons, or invitees. The UK shall pay for all damage to the property of Thailand university, or loss or theft of such property, done or caused by such persons. (Vice versa)

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the authorized representatives of the Parties have executed this Agreement on the date(s) indicated below:

The Thai Ambassador to the United Kingdom

(Pisanu Suvanajata)

The UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

(Lawrence Adams)​