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[Australia]: Monitoring Communications from Indonesia


Federation of Malaysia
Jul 2, 2018


The Australian Signals Directorate, Australia's signals intelligence organisation under the Department of Defence would begin a systematic and routine monitoring and interception of communications coming from Indonesia and going into Indonesia as a part of routine intelligence collection for national security purposes. Given Indonesia's proximity to Australia this was considered a vital operation and the Shoal Bay Receiving Station, 17km away from Darwin, was entirely dedicated to monitoring communications from Indonesia and its military, including aircraft and naval communications and possibly communications for any possible invasions of East Timor or Papua New Guinea. HMAS Coonawarra, a naval transmitting station located near Darwin would also be involved in intercepting communications from merchant vessels and naval vessels in and around Indonesia. Defence would also be involved with intelligence gathering from Indonesia as a part of Operation Resolute, which would see Australian naval vessels participating in that Operation to monitor communications in waters outside of Indonesian territorial waters and also generally monitoring Indonesian naval movements in those international waters. The Jindalee Operational Radar Network, which stretches over 3,000km would have almost complete coverage of sea and air movements from Indonesia and would also participate immensely in intelligence gathering.

Shoal Bay Receiving Station