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El Presidente
Jul 1, 2018
I did post this on the other forum.

My names Danny, age 22 and I'm from Liverpool. I currently just graduated with a First in Paramedic Science after studying for 4 years in which was really tough [especially with all the placements.]
I'm about to start a IT Fixed Term Contract job with the NHS and I am also currently in training with the British Transport Police Special Constabulary [with hope that I move with the Metropolitan Police after I join.] Currently I don't know what career path to take, but it maybe Ambulance services/IT with the way things are going. I do have career aspirations to join the Police but who knows.

Moving from the boring stuff, I am a huge Liverpool FC fan and a season ticket holder in which I attend majority of the games home and away as I can. Been everywhere across Europe & UK and hopefully get to do it again this year with the upcoming season. Furthermore I use to be heavily interested in Electronic Music Production in which I have created several music tracks under aliases [which have gone to rest now] and I also have DJ'ed at different clubs & festivals [not very big like tomorrowland lol] across the UK and neighboring countries but after awhile I lost interest and moved onto other things.

Any questions, let me know!
See ya soon.