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hi (:

May 9, 2019
it's been some time since I've been here! a friend made me think of MN, and I wanted to say hi! i'm pretty busy now, but I was thinking about claiming a country again. some of you may remember me from my time as Malta. whether or not I come back, I wanted to say hello and how I really miss all of you!

I've made a new account because it looks like I've lost control of the email I used for the original "Amber" account. anyway, i'll consider a nation for a bit and possibly try something if you guys will consider having me back! where I live now has really terrible internet, but I think it'll be enough to load a browser like this. if anyone has any recommendations for a country, feel free to say so here or PM me :)
May 9, 2019
No! shoo! :4

It would be fantastic to have you return to the forum! The world went into madness when Malta poofed !
I can't promise that i'll be super active but maybe I can at least spice things up? I really loved malta but I guess since I left and came back, I would like to try a slightly larger country this time. the rules are a little different now (or maybe i'm just not remembering right) so please give me a break if I make mistakes... I was thinking about being a small country again like malta, Monaco, san marino, Andorra, or some far off island. but I really love Greece and I thought I might try it with a twist, if that's okay. i'm really busy and my internet is pretty much dial-up here (except during the night for some reason) but maybe I could play long enough to let everyone have some fun, or just be active every once and a while. thanks for being so welcoming :)

I think i'm going to register for Greece now. if anyone has any better suggestion of where I should go, let me know. I loved being a little country, so maybe i'll regret this, but i'm going to try a big-girl country this time :)


Only Unity Will Save the Serbs
Jul 1, 2018
So, not only are you back...

You're trying your best to neighbor me again (I'm Serbia. There's only one Country between us, and it's a former Yugo State). Welcome back.