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[MN]: Researching Rules [Suspended]

Jan 7, 2018

  1. Before you develop new technologies within-game, you must complete two things first. Construct a research facility for a minimum of 15 out-of-character days, at a cost of $500,000,000 per building. Then, submit an economic changes form to add your 2% running cost. Unless you do this, you will not receive a on the economic overview so any research project open will not pass quality assurance. This is how our Moderators determine whether you have access to the feature or not. If there is a mistake on the overview page, please submit a support ticket. We want to make sure the information on display is accurate at all times. We have 12 research categories and your facility has access to any one of them. There is no minimum cost assigned to any category, but the more you spend on a project the better it will be.

    • Real-life products that are marked as incomplete, cancelled or prototype must be researched within-game. How long it takes to complete this research depends on how far along the project was. Please submit a support ticket to verify as these products are completely unique in their own way. We do not want to force players to wait longer than they have too. We will always use the estimated or projected unit cost where this is available. Only once your research project is complete can you submit a price request to determine the unit cost of each new product. These may take a little longer than regular tickets as we need to review the project as a team.

    • You may only research technologies that your nation has access too. Therefore, you must either be an owner or an operator of the armament and weapon systems used on the product. Alternatively, you will have to contact the owner to negotiate for the parts you need. This must be supported with diplomatic communications. If an owner does allow this, certain aspects of the product may still be blocked unless you have a written agreement outlining both your obligations.

    • Reverse engineering systems with the exception of radars is not allowed unless this is agreed within-game, through technological partnerships. Specifications for radars must be 10% lower than their real-life counterpart and moderators reserve the right to reject any research project that they find unsuitable for our universe. When this happens, we advise you speak to our research guru, Logan who can assist getting your project accepted next time round.

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