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Mocanu's Adress

Kelly the Mad

Greater Romania
GA Member
Oct 28, 2020
Standing on a makeshift wooden stage in Ungheni, Commander Mocanu made an address to the Romanian locals and those Moldovans across the Eiffel Bridge. It was also televised.

He cleared his throat. He was wearing his black formal uniform complete with a red and black peaked cap.

"People of Moldova. I formally apologize to you and your president." He said the last word with particular resent. "I will also relinquish all of my claims on Moldova. For the moment, they are independent." Now he would turn to the Romanian crowd. "People of Ungheni- we are sending volunteers and funds to help repair the city you loved, the city the Moldovans damaged. Though I may apologize to the Moldovans, I will never forgive them for what they did to this city. As per the requirements of the peace treaty, I am resigning." He would take off his hat, throwing it off the stage and into the river, where it slowly floated to the black sea. "The Romani people must vote now. The Moldovans have stripped me and Mr. Vlad Dracula from our rights to run in the election. I apologize for that. I hope you can come to a civil decision on who will take my place."

He would step down, shedding his coat and the various medals. He stepped into a small black car, threw the jacket over the black seat, and drove off.

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