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[Nigeria] Operation Transfer 1

Jul 1, 2018
Top Secret Operation, Paper Documents Only

With the sale of all French Army Equipment currently in use by the Nigerian Army to Thailand now confirmed, the Army would begin preparation for the transfer of the equipment immediately. All equipment would be put on trains or trucks at its current location on base and shipped to the Port Complex in Lagos under guard by local police and National Guard Units. Upon arrival at the Port Complex in Lagos it would be transferred to a Warehouse which would be sealed by local National Guard units. Inside, 2,5000 Logistics Personnel of the Nigerian Army would descend on the equipment and break it down to its component parts, these would be carefully cataloged, marked, and inventoried, before being stored and moved into the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Independent Trade Federation for Shipment.

Once all the equipment was broken down, cataloged, marked, and inventoried, it would all be checked to ensure it was properly stowed for shipment before being loaded onto the NTFV 00010 for shipment to Thailand. Once all equipment was onboard, the ship would set sail for the Thai city of Phuket. They would travel in international waters the entire time, using all modern sailing equipment to guide their way. The crew would sleep and eat in shifts as they would normally for any trade mission. They were all civilian personnel and the ship was a civilian vessel flying the Nigerian flag.

The manifest would include all parts for the following equipment:

400 AMX 30
300 AMX-10P
200 Leclerc Main Battle Tank
50 CAESAR Self-propelled Howitzer
125 TRF1 Artillery

It would travel: JJ>JI>JH>JG>JF>KF>LG>MH>MI>NJ



Rattanakosin Kingdom
Staff member
Apr 16, 2019
As enough time was given for the Nigerian fleet to arrive with the French equipment that Thailand had purchased, the Royal Thai Navy fleet stationed in Phuket would sail out to meet the civilian ship and escort them to the port where the equipment would be carefully and safely exported from the vessel into containers which would then be secured onto trains and shipped by rail to Bangkok.

Once the train would have reached Bangkok, the equipment would be unloaded from the train and safely sent to a military factory where the most trained factory workers would begin to reassemble the equipment. Once it had all been reassembled and verified thrice to make sure that the equipment was working, it would be shipped off in working condition to the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

Jul 1, 2018
After safely porting in the Thai Port with help from the Royal Thai Navy, the crew of the trade vessel would carefully follow all instructions and ensure that they safely docked to ensure that no equipment was damaged. They would then hand the equipment over with the roster clearly marking the equipment for reassembly. This would include documents of maintenance acquired from the previous French government. After the transfer was carefully overseen into the authorities of Thailand the crew ensure that their vessel was in top shape.

At this time, the vessel, having no military equipment on board, would be transferred fully back under the authority of the Nigerian Civilian Trade administration and would sale safely for the Nigerian port of Port Harcourt.