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The Reformation


Jul 7, 2018
Reformation process step-by-step
This document is to be used by brothers and sisters that participate in the program.
Writings here should not be publicized without allowance of King Aleksandar II

1st Phase of Reform - Preparation
This reform will be concentrated on preparing Serbia for more radical reforms. It includes:
1. 1st phase of Monetary Reform
2. Background for system of bratsvas

2nd Phase of Reform - Economic Organization
This reform will be concentrated on fully accomplishing economic reforms. It includes:
1. all phases of Monetary Reforms
2. Integration of System of Bratsvas in Serbia

3rd Phase of Reform - Ministry of Internal Affairs
This reform will be concentrated on starting reform of Ministry of Internal affairs. It includes:
1. Abolishment of Internal Affairs
2. Creation of SCP
3. Abolishment of Public Administration and new implementations in System of Bratsvas

4th Phase of Reform - Final Reform
This reform will be concentrated on unity of Serbia and government reform. It includes:
1. Creation of Supervisionary body
2. Start of The United System of Informations
3. Abolishment of Public Administration and new implementations in System of Bratsvas

*IMPORTANT: Way of reform and reforms itself may or may not change!
For further information on the subject may or may not exist.
As soon as ministry of Reforms confirms a plan(ie. confirms a plan for System of Bratsvas), the further
explanation will be given.
Thus this document is to not be taken out of context.
Green = Reform taking place
Red = Completed Reform
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