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UK | COBR Meeting 061996


GA Member
Jan 6, 2018

Her Majesty's Government
Security Classification: TOP SECRET

Following his departure from the Coalition Conference Call regarding the joint operations in Iraqi, Prime Minister Evans has called on a Cabinet Office Briefing Room, popularly named a COBRA Meeting by the public. This was sent out to all cabinet members to summon them for the discussion regarding the UKs involvement in the growing tension in Iraq. A few hours passed and the meeting time was coming with a 77% turnout from British Ministers but also British Armed Forces Senior Personnel who were invited given the situation. Confined to a private room, the Prime Minister begun.

Prime Minister, Andrew Evans
"Good Morning everyone, thank you for been here. As per the agenda that was distributed, I have summoned the COBRA Meeting of 0-6-1-9-9-6 to discuss the events occurring in Iraq. To summarize what we currently know, last week the United Kingdom, United States and Spain were all bombed at around the same time which each individual attack had the same M-O. Not a day later, the British Embassy in Iraq was surrounded by soldiers from Saddam Hussein's regime and consequently taken hostage. More and more information came to light and we soon discovered a large amount of other countries have been impacted by this with different embassies been targeted. As a result, I had put together a conference call with nations affected or wishing to help to resolve the issue. At the moment, the UK, US and Spanish Governments are sending Special Forces Operators to the country to locate and free our diplomatic staff that have been ceased. We have had no communication from the Iraq government regarding these but are extending our hand. The reason I've called this meeting is to contemplate our overall involvement. The American Government have made a declaration of war against the Iraq Regime with the intention of taking Saddam out of power. This is something other countries are also calling for and supporting, but no position has been made clear for the British Government. Do we, continue our current path to save the hostages and then withdraw any intention? Or do we extend this mandate to supporting the US?"

A short pause passed whilst the cabinet members reviewed their own notes and knowledge about the situation before from further down the conference table, a voice emerged.

First Secretary of State, Taylor Heart
"Fulfilling the need to bring the Diplomatic Staff home should be the priority, but equally, we have enough evidence that shows the attack in London was of Iraqi Origin. If we simply sit aside once we secure our staff, what precedence does that set? Would we be a country that can be attacked and have no retaliation? I believe we should be coming together with the US and other countries to take down Hussein's regime. These sudden and unpredictable moves opens many doors as to how this happened, but the least we can do for those that had family's kill--- no, murdered, is to get justice. Iraq must answer for its crimes--"

Secretary of State for International Development, Leon Hurst
"Sending troops in would not do any good except cause more deaths in what would be a conventional conflict, engaging in a war in the Middle East in another Gulf War is surely something we ought to be avoiding. Perhaps the Gulf War is what caused this attack to begin with. I'd suggest we avoid any military input and take this straight to the Global Assembly."

First Secretary of State, Taylor Heart
"The Global Assembly have remained silent throughout the entire situation. The Secretary General and other members should have already brought this to the attention given the fact it is Embassy staff that are been held against their will. Kuwait and Syria have both been under threat and have requested assistance. We should answer their calls, and get boots on the ground."

General Tyler, British Armed Forces
"The Minister of Defence is currently in a defence summit which is looking at the creation of a mutual defence agreement with the Netherlands, and the United States. A deal that many MPs consider to be of great value and strength to cooperation in the political, economic and military arena for our government. If British Forces do not stand up and be side by side with the US, and the Netherlands who are also supporting the coalition, then what does that show to the very countries that want to be involved with us? Whether from an air support capacity of greater, if you want to secure that deal, we need to be involved."

A short silence followed, the unorthodox point raised by the General raised many eye brows. The Mutual Defence Agreement was of great interest to the government as the benefits outweighed the negatives. Would this be enough to convince the cabinet? The meeting went on for a few hours as they discussed all statistics and options. The meeting came to a close, with some intense discussions, a decision was made between the government. Something the British Prime Minister next needed to relay onto the coalition as to Britain's position...