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WP Revision - Survey


I am From Thailand
GA Member
World Power
May 4, 2021

As part of my review of the World Power system, I would like to introduce all Modern Nations (MN) roleplayers of the proposed revisions to the current Modern Nation World Power Survey. MN is a mature, intermediate to advanced role-playing site set on an alternative earth, which naturally facilitates the development of complex mechanism. An exemplary of this characteristic is our Stock Market system, a unique and outstanding mechanism indeed. On a macro scale, MN must strive to establish and maintain the realism of the alternative Earth dynamics to ensure the coherent narrative built upon contributions of various roleplayers. One of the most paramount variables to the true-to-live dynamics on the macro level is World Power. But how can we sure that the current system in place is adequate for our alterative world filled with creativity? First, we must recognize what WP in MN is:
Becoming a world power is an outstanding achievement to obtain in which you possess both economic might and influence. Unlike real life, military strength plays a minuscule role in distinguishing who is a world power because this symbol is an indication of how much influence you gain and not whose forces are the largest.
MN praises itself on a unique WP system which is based on the In Character (IC) economic might and influence that overshadow military strength. But is that actually the case? Throughout history, various philosophers have observed the behavior of nations in its interaction with and reaction to global dynamics. From an International Relations perspective, MN alternative world treads a fine line between Realism and Liberalism, the struggle between anarchy world order and the promotion of international organizations like the Global Assembly (GA).

Throughout the history of MN, this alternative world often fell short when it comes to international cooperation, which naturally leads to an anarchical world order where each fictional (and alternative) states are engaged in a continuous struggle for power. This concept is virtually applicable to MN alternative world that most nations only seek international organizations like GA to advance their fictional national interests and agendas. As a consequence, a typical state in MN seeks to augment its own military capabilities, economic power, and diplomacy relative to other states ; this in order to ensure the protection of their political system, citizens, and vital interests.

With these causations, I have made proposed additional questions into the Modern Nations World Power Survey to ensure that each WP’s existence continue to determine the stability of the international stage as well as the prospects for war and peace. Please consider the following revisions in tandem with current surveys being asked:

Political Influence (Current)
  1. Which country inspires your government the most on the political spectrum?
  2. Which country do you think has the most influence on the International Stage?
  3. Which country do you believe has the most stable government? (Consistent government in place, no coups, no repeat elections, etc).
As you may have noticed many times, the current trio of questions being asked in the Political Influence have been in place for years now. However, this factor isn’t solely the sign of strength, but can also be a sign of weakness. Measuring a state’s political influence on the international stage, whether fictional or in real life, requires a careful deliberation and continuous adjustment to measurement.

As I have stressed previously, MN praises itself on the prospect where WP is not solely determined by military power, which can be described more accurately as “hard power.” However, when it comes to the opposite side of the spectrum which MN strives to advocate, it falls short of representing each fictional state “soft power.” While it is arguable that the second question of “which nation has the most influence” has answered this issue, it fails to acknowledge the nuances of various methodologies or a state to acquire its influence. My current review has no objection to maintaining the second question, which is currently the problematic one because this can be fixed with two additional questions.

I want to raise awareness of the implication of the second question which has made an impact on MN alternative world. Because such a question is on the macro level, it encourages roleplayers to consider the broader concept of international influence, encompassing diplomatic, economic, cultural, and military dimensions. Furthermore, the analysis level of this question also adds into the consideration of global power dynamics and hegemonic structures within the MN universe. While I call it problematic, my assessment does not constitute that it has no value, far from it. Because of the prevalent macro level questions, please consider the proposed additional questions to ensure the micro level of influence is not also explored but respected in MN.

Political Influence (Proposed addition)
  1. Which country can influence your nation the most without resorting to the use of and accounting the strength of their Armed Forces?
  2. Which country do you believe has the most reliable and comprehensive diplomatic network and alliance?
What can you see from the additional questions being proposed to the Political Influence spectrum? It is the representation and consideration of soft power and the impact of coalition building in strengthening a state’s influence on the international stage. The first proposed question is a must thank to Joseph Nye, a political scientist many of roleplayers who study international relations will recognize. Soft Power is the ability of a state to shape the preferences of other states through appeal and attraction rather than coercion or payment. Given the official stance of the forum on WP which clearly suggest that military power plays a secondary role, understanding which nations wield significant soft power is crucial.

For the second proposed question, this adds a layer of authenticity and accuracy to the WP dynamics of MN. As previously stated, a state’s influence on the international stage is not isolated and simple, but rather interconnected and complex. How can a country, fictionally or in real life, rise to the position of global superpower without a reliable network of alliance? You might argue that then you need to be like the United States, peace in strength comes in handy. But, we must recognize that MN is different. With access to technology and intellectual property rights, all nations in MN can produce any military equipment that its industrial capability in real life could have never dreamed of. In MN, USA and UK are devoted friends, you can always rely on one another. This relationship between them already strength their position as the world foremost power, not only because of their advanced military technology, but also because of the coalition building between them. Because of this, whether a MN states interacts with the UK or the US, it must consider the implication of its diplomatic outreach in relations to the ties existing between the UK and US.

Military Projection (Current)
  1. Which country have you seen do the most military operations?
  2. Which countries military do you believe has the greatest international reach?
  3. Which countries military do you look up too and inspires you the most? This can include structures, size, operations, values, etc. (Based on MN, not real life).
Military Projection in MN is an intriguing aspect of MN’s WP dynamics. Looking at the three existing questions closely, you can see an effort from the administrator team to ensure that military strength plays a secondary role in MN. The current trio of the Military Projection survey already fulfill most of MN’s vision for this alternative world, but it might lack a crucial factor in determining a nation capability to project its hard power. Since the ancient time, a nation’s military size doesn’t always indicate the total advantage against another state with lesser size. It can be a positive factor if manage properly, but that must come with the cost of complex logistical it requires to function.

In World War Two, Nazi German’s changes the course of military history by implementing its successful Blitzkrieg combined armed attack, which can be translated to the “Lighting War.” What can we learn from the history of the most brutal war in human history to improve MN for you and everyone? It is a state’s ability to respond swiftly to any emerging threat. Many countries during the initial stage of World War Two, including those of Poland, Denmark, France, Belgium, and Netherland still rely on the traditional warfare doctrine. Because of their initial low level of adaptability, this had led them to have a low level of rapid response. It is widely debatable that, if France and Britain had a military that was ready for rapid mobilization and response, Germany wouldn’t even get passed the remilitarization of the Rhineland.

Military Projection (Proposed addition)
  1. Which countries military do you believes has the most efficient rapid response capability? (Swift and coordinated response to natural disasters or global emergencies)
The current revision proposes the addition of a question to represent and respect the nuance and reality that a military with a high rapid response capability is likely to project its power more effectively. If a nation with access to advanced military technology like the US couldn’t respond in time to a global emergency or threat, it is counter-productive that a nation with only recognized global reach deserves a position on the world stage. Furthermore, this question adds the consideration of the reliability of a state to properly manage unexpected emergencies. Like the current talk of the town, if MN France has established an efficient rapid response capability beforehand, any advantage from military technology wouldn’t help them in ensuring the Canadian incursion doesn’t happen in the first place.

Leadership Role (Proposed addition)
  1. Which country have you seen do the most foreign investments?
  2. Which country do you believe has been most proactive in addressing humanitarian concerns?
  3. Which country have you seen do the most diplomatic outreach?
We’ve been discussing the current revision for long enough that we now reach the concluding section! I’m glad you’re still here. During my review, I have recognized that while the current WP system strives to represent the world’s foremost influential nation, it still lacks one of the most crucial aspects for any nation of superpower nature. Because of this, the current revision proposes a new section to the Modern Nations World Power Survey which will be called the Leadership Role.

In our real-life history, a nation of hegemonic and dominant power always has an inherent aspiration for asserting its leadership on the international stage. Whether it was the British Empire or the United States of America, each one of these nations perceive itself as foremost factors in advancing global agenda that align with its national interests. It is natural for a state to assume itself as the leader or the protector of one region when its influence and power are dominant. Take for example, in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, fuck Putin, the integrity of European powers are questioned in regard to its capability to collective combat Russian aggression. One of the most outstanding nations during this time period is France, a nation currently led by a domestically controversial figure and internationally respected leader. For context, France has been striving to become the defense protector of Europe, a position it takes seriously due to the long-standing European reliance on the US. Even in our times, we can see a state’s aspiration to assert its leadership on the global stage, which comes naturally when it perceives itself as the leader.

The first proposed question aims to recognize the state’s ability to advance its agenda through international investment. Whether it is the support of military rearmament or infrastructural investment, all of these actions are the indication of a state’s aspiration to assert its leadership. In the same way, the second proposed question is designed to assess a state’s proactiveness in asserting itself as a leadership on emerging global issue. Because roleplaying a humanitarian crisis in MN has always been a fulfilling route, this allows each nation to position itself on the international stage, which eventually determines its influence. The third proposed question is also similar. One must recognize that the World Power Survey is based on IC interaction and shouldn’t be influenced by OOC relationship. This rule naturally led to a scenario where a country with the most proactiveness has a higher chance to be voted and recognized as the world power.

I invite the community's input on this proposed revision as this is what your roleplaying country will be interacting in an alternative world's power dynamics. Your suggestions and feedback are valuable, and I eagerly anticipate your insights. My aim is to refine the World Power system and foster more engaging roleplay opportunities.

Thank you for your consideration
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