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    SUGGESTION Discord Voice Channel

    To answer previous reasons why not, being "We can't moderate it," It can be tied to having the role for the NSFW Channel. Edit: Also let us have a music bot if we do make such a channel.
  2. Logan

    [VoL] Voices of Liberty - Europe

    Voice of Liberty - Europe is an Italian broadcasting organization, a subsidiary of Voices of Liberty (VoL), that provides news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East "where the free flow of information is either banned by government...
  3. Logan

    [Transfer] Turkey to Italy

  4. Logan

    [GA] Resolution on International Financial Practices

    An Italian Delegate would take his place, sitting down.
  5. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] Grey-Green Berets

  6. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] Grey-Green Ties

  7. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] M33 Grey Shirts

  8. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] M40 Grey-Green Tunics

  9. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] Grey-Green Puttees

  10. Logan

    [Purchase][Italy] M33 Helmets

    completed and sent
  11. Logan

    [GA] Resolution for Minority Languages

    The Italian Delegate would take his seat. "Though I doubt there are seriously people stupid or immoral enough to debate this, My nation, after a close reflection into our own past nations and those of our allies, have decided that it is necessary for us to take a position defending the world's...