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[MN]: Roleplay Rules Revised

Jan 7, 2018

  1. 1592563366329.png [ Please click on the image ] These are in-game regions and you must not respond with out-of-character comments. Roleplay in one of these categories must exceed 80 words or more. Reported posts will be temporarily invalid, until the individual edits their roleplay to comply with our word count. It's imperative that another individual does not roleplay in the affected thread, until the player has corrected themselves. However, in the event of someone doing this, the roleplay will then be a "confirmed action" and players should continue as normal. Any changes, alterations or edits to the reported post will not be possible to avoid indirectly altering the course of the storyline and any roleplay submit after them. We may, under significant dispute, delete the post if this isn't detrimental to the rest.

    • It's important to note that departures, arrivals, starting or finishing calls and order confirmations are not subject to the minimum word count, as we would prefer to avoid word fillers.
    • Foreign text must have an English translation, otherwise we will not permit this on the forums. Locations which cannot be translated must have coordinates instead.
    • Roleplay Posts are subject to GMT, British Summer Time and you must allow a minimum of 24 hours for another individual to reply. The length can be extended, if two players agree to it.
    • You must post at least 8 times within a 2 week period to keep your active status and gain income for your Nation.

  2. We have a Mandatory tag system (@Name) on the forums to alert users when a thread or post requires their attention. If you forget to use this, please submit a second post to alert them. This System does not work with edited threads and posts.
    • Moderators often notice when a player has not been tagged, so they might occasionally contact the individual on your behalf but you should not rely on this every time.

  3. At some point, you will probably submit a post which has an obvious mistake. Players have a 10 minute window to edit their roleplay and fix whatever mistakes were made. To ensure this isn't abused, our Moderators have a history log showing them the exact changes made. You may submit a support ticket to request changes to your roleplay post after this window, but there's no guarantee.

  4. We are a multi-character forum, so it's important to stay organised because we do not allow the same character to be in-use in different threads, unless where it's humanly possible. For example, the character is at a meeting and sending an email.

  5. Diplomatic missions are determined by real life, but you have the option to close undesired offices. You may also open or relocate existing offices by creating topics under international events. This must be supported by Diplomatic communications, unless you have closed an office with immediate effect as a result of war. You must have an up-to-date structure within your national subforum, detailing your Diplomatic missions. Within this structure, you must stipulate how many of each Personnel type are allowed in Diplomatic missions which you host in your nation. This will need to be made clearly visible for others to see so they do not structure more Personnel than they are allowed. Structures must include:

    • The number of diplomatic personnel working on the premise,
    • The number of mission personnel working on the premise,
    • And the security detail working on the premise.

  6. Mailing letters will take 12 out-of-character hours to arrive at their destination, whereas emails and fax are instant. However, these methods are open to intelligence attacks. To make communication private, a post must have one or more of these terms in use: Private, Confidential, Encrypted, Classified or Secret and topic titles are not valid methods. Individuals who roleplay that themselves and their company are alone will constitute as being private.

  7. Nations will adopt the laws and legislation of real life, but you have the option to change or revoke them once you're registered. You can do this by creating a topic in your Government subforum which are in-game spaces, so you should take care to keep your topics confidential.

  8. New players are subject to a period of 91 out-of-character days immunity. During this time, no other individual can act in a military manner against the new player or make a diplomatic enemy of them. This includes any military response, direct conflict or actions committed by an intelligence agency. Immunity will be cancelled out if the new player takes military action against another within-game. Any disputes of immunity should be submit as a support ticket for the Moderators to decide.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Military and Intelligence

  1. 1592572605369.png [ Please click on the image ] The 1st Post of any Military deployment should be an introductory post into your operation, and not the start of your roleplay. This must include your objectives, belligerents, order of battle and staging points, which is to be updated regularly. By default, equipment listed in your order of battle are fully stocked and supplied, so this does not need mentioning. However, military products often have interchangeable weapons, so you must state what each product has equipped to them, otherwise they deploy unarmed. Once you have deployed, you're responsible for resupplying your troops and equipment, as and when they require.

    • We humbly request that you roleplay in a responsible manner. Therefore, we do not want anyone searching for every fault in someone's roleplay and/or nitpicking as this only works to discourage them. Furthermore, unless you have good reason to involve yourself in someones Thread, stay clear to save interrupting them. This is called being respectable and tolerant.

    • When you do start roleplaying, you must use the Transit Map at all times, which confirms your course and route. This also helps others to determine whether they need to intercept you. For example, entering their territorial waters or airspace. Not using this method leaves you vulnerable to others who are looking to take advantage. No, you may not claim someones aircraft has crashed into a mountain or a Naval boat has crashed into a rock.

    • Unless otherwise confirmed, Naval Vessels being deployed travel at their maximum speed. You may change this for fuel economy, which averages 15 to 18 Knots.

  2. You cannot perform military operations unless you have an up-to-date structure within your national subforum, detailing your armed forces. This must include:
    • Personnel and equipment numbers, which need updating every time you produce more within-game,
    • Military commands, formations and units,
    • And active military bases, airfields and installations in use.
    • Military assets not structured will be based in your Nation's Capital city.

  3. Capturing territory, including uninhabited islands and regions like Antarctica can only be achieved using the armed forces and must have consecutive roleplay for at least 15 out-of-character days unless:
    • The country is controlled by an individual, in which case territory can be sold and exchanged for a price.

    • A successful capture is permanent, unless you decide to return their independence or they acquire assistance from another individual to help liberate themselves.
    • A Class countries cannot have some or all territory taken by other A Class countries.
    • Players need permission from an Administrator 7 days in advance, before attempting to occupy or attack a non-player controlled country. Players must have been the same country for 3 OOC months to be able to capture other territory.

  4. To conduct espionage against a nation's private material or listen into private communication, you must first set up an intelligence agency and successfully monitor them. You may then infiltrate, bug or use decryption to observe the communications passing through this individual. However, there are limitations to this. For example, the person who this individual is communicating to remains private unless the material being intercepted confirms their name.
    • Operatives must be trained for at least 31 out-of-character days, $5,000 per recruit. This training can be described as Orientation, so we advise doing training exercises.

  5. Weapons of Mass Destruction, with the exception of Nuclear weapons are allowed to be produced at your own risk. Equipment that uses Nuclear Reactors, like Submarines are "grandfathered" into the forums and not something discussed because these cannot be properly explained at game level. It's best to avoid conversations of this manner to avoid interrupting the forums.

  6. All Operations undertaken by your country will be charged each tax period based on a number of variables, including distance, deployment size and duration. To conclude an operation, you would need to roleplay your forces returning home and amend the thread title with the prefix "complete". Charges for this operation will end and the thread will then be moved to the archived subforum.

MODERN NATIONS RULESET Recruitment and Training

  1. Players have a starting complement of 15,000 personnel to distribute between their Army, Airforce and Navy. These Personnel, and any new recruits only have basic training which can be described as bootcamp or orientation. This is where they learn the traditions, tactics and methods to joining the armed forces. Training at this stage is equivalent to 10 - 14 weeks in the real world. Personnel in different roles may be produced in a single topic to reduce the number of topics in the economy. These roles are generic and include but not limited to: pilots, infantry, aircrew, engineers, logistics, marine, sailor and Special forces.

    • Military personnel of any kind must be trained for a minimum of 31 out-of-character days, $5,000 per recruit. Why? This might mean Personnel have better resources than another. Rather than be taught in a classroom, a sophisticated simulation. These two factors have strong input into the quality of your personnel and is more valuable than anything else at this stage. For example, personnel who have longer recruitment times and funding will be more prepared and have better understanding of their roles. They will perform better in an exercise or at war, and be easier to adapt to situations. On average, individuals train new recruits for at least 3 out-of-character months with some of our long-term players waiting considerably longer, especially for any special forces.

    • Once these new recruits have finished orientation, it's advised you teach them new skills to complement their role and service within the armed forces. You can do this by creating a military exercise. You may teach multiple skills in a single topic, but each skill requires at least 5 roleplay posts within a 7 out-of-character window. We advise doing routine exercises to help refresh the memory of your personnel. This is the second most important part of ensuring you have reliable, and effective troops. These exercises have a minimum cost of $10,000,000 but most funding is considerably higher, in keeping with quality. Do you want your troops training on a patch of grass, or in a purpose-built facility?

    • Please do not update your personnel numbers, unless your recruitment topic is complete
    • Before you produce any aircrew, you must have at least 1 type of trainer aircraft in your inventory.
    • You must have a training record in your national subforum, so players have a firm understanding of what skills your troops have learnt.


  1. First and foremost, national origin determines ownership of a product, unless this is not known. In this set of circumstances, we'll use the manufacturer(s) which are then equally shared between nations. You may produce equipment that your real-life counterpart operates and this extends to every version and variant of this product but the true owner may obstruct or block this. When this happens, you have two alternatives. Requesting the product through them which will likely incur a fee or use something else. However, this is not the case if:

    • A player within-game has bought shares to a product, so they have sole ownership. This overrides the default rule regarding national origin or manufacturer.
    • A player within-game has bought shares to a company, so they have sole ownership of every product they manufacture including products manufactured by their subsidiaries.
    • Corporate offices to real-life companies are not playable. Headquarters and other relevant buildings must be constructed within the game.
    • New and transferred players must wait 91 out-of-character days to purchase shares.

  2. You might want to contact an owner for Domestic Production Rights (DPR) so you can produce certain products locally, removing your need to buy through third parties. This must be supported by diplomatic communications, but these rights are withdrawn if the owner leaves, transfers or is removed from the forums for any reason. While an operator cannot give out these rights, it might be cheaper to buy through them than the true owner but this is entirely at your own risk.

  3. Maintenance Licenses are similar to domestic production rights in the sense these allow you to maintain and service certain products locally, which we recommend doing as standard routine. The main difference is an operator can offer maintenance services to individuals for a chargeable fee, without liaising with an owner. These are not withdrawn when an owner or operator leaves, transfers or is removed from the forums, but they can be cancelled by them within-game. Most selling pages provide a license when you purchase something from them, but this is not always the case.

  4. The same product cannot be produced within 24 out-of-characters hour of one another, unless the product is for two separate individuals. When you produce equipment, you must be variant-specific and where you're not, the product is the original, default model. Sometimes, this means the product you have by complete error is considerable outdated with old technologies and you will then have to upgrade or refit to a newer model.

    • Upgrading from one model to another can only be achieved if you're the owner of the product, so buying from third parties is at your own risk. You will most definitely have to pay a small fee to use this service.
    • Upgrades containing numbers between 50 - 100 will take a minimum of 10 out-of-character days, and anything more than that will take 17 out-of-character days.
    • Upgrading to a model which is vastly different to the one you have will not be allowed. This topic will not pass quality assurance and will be deleted by a Moderator. You will receive an alert informing you of this.

  5. Any commercial or military vessel must be produced individually if they are in any one of these categories, corvette, frigate/replenishment ship, destroyer, submarine, amphibious assault ship, aircraft carrier or super carrier. Vessels not relevant to those categories and under 260Ft in length may be produced in a single topic using the vehicle category. These are usually RHIBS, fast attack boats and patrols.

  6. Every production you submit to the forums comes with a calculated duration time. At the end of this date, you are responsible for posting a reply completing the order. An Administrator may mark a topic billed when the duration is up, but you have not yet made your post. When this happens, you have 7 days to complete the production before it is permanently void from the game. We will not recover this for you, unless it was a genuine error on our part.
    • It's important to note that when you order from a third-party, they're responsible for creating your order and completing it on time. So, you have a greater risk of being scammed unless you insure yourself.
    • We cannot recover payments or orders made to third-parties if the individual leaves, transfers or is removed from the forums. Another reason to insure yourself against the unexpected.
    • You must use the exact product name listed on the catalogue when you submit your orders, otherwise your topic may not pass quality assurance.


  1. There might be a time when you want to change countries, or a country has just become available. We don't want you to feel stuck in a nation you aren't happy with, so we offer free dead transfers. This allows an individual to start completely anew in a nation of their choice. You will be marked as a transferred player, so you must wait at least 91 out-of-character days to transfer again. Please choose wisely, as changing between nations to often will put you on a transfer ban. Not only does this mean players may lose their faith in roleplaying with you, as you clearly aren't committed to the forums but you are unreliable. No individual wants to pool their time into roleplaying with someone who will ruin their hard work a few days later.

  2. We offer a £10 full transfer which allows an individual to change country, but keep their personnel and equipment numbers and their current economy. Relationships you've made before this transfer will reset, unless prior agreed with an Administrator. All assets must be converted to local equivalents, unless the product was bought from a third-party. There might be occasions when you convert a product but another player does not permit you to have this, so you will have to keep the product as it was before. We may occasionally request players to downgrade so their numbers are reasonable for their new nation.
    • A list countries include the United States, Russia, China, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom.


Like all roleplay forums, the Administrators cannot design a rule-set for every eventuality. Situations happen unexpectedly and that's when we are forced to make a hasty decision for continuity purposes. When we do that, not everyone will agree and not everyone will think it's fair. But, it will do. After the roleplay has ended, the new rule will be reviewed. At that exact moment, people will complain because they think we've wronged them. What follows are "opportunist moments" for other members who've felt wronged in the past to join the conversation and remind us of their experiences. Sound familiar? Please remember, we are doing our best!