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A Shooting in Amsterdam

Jul 1, 2018
Continued From The Old Forums

Ashley put up no protest and walked alongside the King. She looked tired and stressed, though not as bad as Fiona looked before. She wasn't able to gage, yet, if he was angry with her or not. As they continued to walk down the hospital hall towards the elevator, she quietly said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

When Jan came into the room, he found Fiona was half-asleep. Though, she heard the door close behind him and opened her eyes. She sat up, and broke eye contact with him when he said he was putting her under arrest. "Yes... I understand," she responded to him. He could see her discomfort when he mentioned that she needed to be handcuffed. She pressed her hands against her chest and hesitated for a few moments before offering him her left wrist. She whimpered and cringed when he grabbed her wrist and cuffed her - it was quite obvious that she did not like being touched, which would probably lead to some problems later.

If Jan had nothing else to tell or ask her, she would go back to sleep once he left the room. She was, after all, still exhausted. Though, even then it would take her a while to go to sleep. There were so many things drifting through her mind.


Both Claire and Nathan avoided directly answering the question about the handcuffs and iron bars in their home. They implied that they were there for "security". Nathan admitted that it was Fiona's room, and that Fiona was paranoid and didn't feel safe at night, so they had them installed. The third suspect didn't seem very interested in talking. If his identity was investigated further, the police would find that he had a clean record. "I don't know who Fiona is, and I don't know about anyone trying to kill her. I want my attorney."


Kingdom of the Netherlands
Jul 1, 2018
The King would simply place his hand on Ashley's shoulder as she apologised. He would lead the way out of the hospital and held the door of the car open for her. The pair would then be escorted back to the Palace where Ashley would be shown a guest room where she could rest.

Jan would ensure that the cuffs were only loosely fitted on Fiona's wrists, so that she wouldn't be hurt by them. He would remain outside the room on guard alongside members of the Royal Guard, doctors would begin treating Fiona as per the request of Ashley.


All parties would be granted a right to speak to an attorney of their choice, the detectives would leave them in the interrogation room as they spoke to their lawyers. The pair would go through the current evidence and discuss their next move.