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[Colombia] Message to Spain


Free Confederation of Colombia
GA Member
Oct 11, 2020

Private and Encrypted

To: Secretary of State for American Affairs of Spain Bruno

From: The Volunteer Council of Foreign Affairs of the Colombian Peoples

Good day,

As Colombia returns to the global stage a united group of individuals under common goals and true equality, we, farmers, fishers, janitors, doctors, social workers, and fighters all, have a need for support worldwide. Our great experiment is the beginning of a new age of equality and philosophical socialism that we believe can eventually transcend all borders. For now, however, we understand that Colombia was in a unique and interesting position to allow for just the right circumstances.

Your Kingdom, though a Kingdom, has great potential to serve its people better than the tyrants of Colombia ever did. Colombia and her people, even those not of Spanish origin, owe many parts of the culture and religion to Spain. We both agree that intentions were not well in history, but with dark pasts come growth and rejuvenation with lessons in the hearts and minds of those who survive. The Hispanosphere represents more than a shared language, but a rich culture derived from Spain and a history that deserves to be taught.

We have returned from the costly tests to prove our lessons learned, and would like to request the return of Colombia to the Hispanosphere as people and friends. Colombia's people need ships for trade, foreign goods, and Spanish equipment, if your country would agree to further discussion on the creation of production and trade contracts.

Our Thanks,

Representatives Maritza Garrido, Camila Pichon, and 138 others
The Volunteer Council of Foreign Affairs
The Free Confederation of Colombia



Kingdom of Spain
GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
The message would be privately redirected towards the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España
This message is private & encrypted
To the Honourables Representatives Maritza Garrido, Camila Pichon, and 138 others

History is history, what we have to do is learn to not make the same mistakes our forebears did, while the Kingdom of Spain gave many good things to the world, it also did horrendous ones. It is true that we see Colombia as a friend nation, and we seek greater cooperation with it as time passes by. I would like to enquire regarding your request to return to the Hispanosphere, could you detail how do you wish to proceed and how do you wish to accomplish this?

Kind Regards,
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Honourable Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza