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[GA] Emergency Resolution Occupation of South Africa


GA Member
Jul 1, 2018
"My apologies, as some of the events that have taken place here overshadowed some key information. As for the referendum, I understand that perhaps that is not enough time to get things done in some cases. We would be just as happy with seeing a four-year cycle for referendums on the matter. Please let us know how this suggestion is received. I would also like to inquire if other nations may help with this Citizen Focus Program? If so, can we get an itemized list of where the money goes?"

"Also to just make sure, when Sweden came in did you ensure to capture and secure WMD sites? As South Africa not even ten years ago had facilities used for making such weapons. We would not want to see an event where an fascist extremist takes material from these labs or facilities."



Greater Republic of Turkey
GA Member
Feb 11, 2021
Ambassador Yaşar Halit Çevik would speak

”Clearly Sweden will not reveal any of the details of it‘s annexation and at this point nothing will come of this resolution whatsoever, it will die in debate and is clearly a sign I hope all of us take into consideration that things have changed in our world. Never before have the nations been so free to enforce their territorial claims and it seems as though we are back in the 1930s where a country could practically do what they wanted without interference. The weak will be punished and the strongest rewarded, as seen by the Swedish economy even after a complete territorial takeover of a country on the other side of the world.

So therefore I completely expect the same result for any other territorial annexation around the globe, or else the world will see that the Global Assembly truly is a bias and racist institution only acting for the well-being of western powers. After all of this I would like to announce that Turkey will be making claims soon to liberate territories that we feel are oppressed in our region. Just like Sweden. If they are not stopped you may not stop us. This includes the re-liberation of North Cyprus to free the Turkish peoples enslaved by a pro Greek government, the liberation of the Palestinian people, the elimination of Kurdish Terrorists, and the reclamation of territorial waters unjustly taken by Greece. And just like Sweden we will not listen to foreign outcry and we will make ourselves rich.

You all might think this is outrageous but we actually have reason for our claims while a Nordic Country in Western Europe went to the other side of the world to conquer a nation that had done zero harm to the Swedish Government or her people. I cannot even comprehend why some here accept the notion of Swedish-Africa. Swedish-Africa! With that I will be formally withdrawing Turkey from the Global Assembly and plan to head the soon to be formed Global Community of Independent States where we will actually care about our members and their wellbeing. I thought my predecesor here was crazy but now I understand why he left the GA, even without the Approval of the Turkish Government which I have now been given approval for in fact, he understood as well as I that this assembly is full of bureaucrats that sit on their butts and do nothing but try to keep their positions and power. I know some here may be exempt from this group but the greater majority do nothing and say nothing. If you all can prove that you have changed then Turkey might reconsider re-joining but for now I bid you all farewell.“

With that he would wave a nationalist MHP party flag and leave the room. Turkish GA offices would be emptied and a Turkish A330-Pa2 would be dispatched to pick up the members. Knowing full well that technically they would not be allowed to leave and the fact that their vote could be used against them, the diplomats would leave a note that all further votes would be ”abstain” until when/if Turkey rejoins the Global Assembly. The A,basados would be applauded by the party on state television back at home for showing those western snobs what their silly institution meant to those outside of Europe.

In Ankara plans for the liberation of Palestine were underway with stage one ongoing, the deployment of the supposed “Rouge Aircraft” Which was actually a ploy by the MHP to cause Israel to react in some hostile way even though internationally it would be recognized that it was just a rouge fanatical nationalist who wanted to destroy Israel. Essentially Israel would react in some way that would punish Turkey minimally, this would be used as an excuse for the deployment of a massive Turkish Armada outside Israeli waters, then weapons would be shipped to Palestine for militia groups which would use them for attack on Israel that undoubtedly would lead to retaliatory air strikes. After this Turkey would use the excuse that Israel was targeting civilians and action would be taken, this involved the deployment of North Korean ICBMs purchased from the former Korean Republic to cripple airfields used for the air strikes. Further conflict after is likely and the Gaza Strip would be “liberated“ from Palestinian authorities in order to set up a base of Operations to push into rightfully Muslim territory. Further plans are in development. If the Saudi Arabian Government decides to assist Turkey in this endeavor(Shared on a joint Command message Months before) then potential action to completely annex Israel is possible, where a puppet state would be set up to ensure Arab Freedoms. All of this is Top Secret and was already shared with the Ambassador and top ministers.

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