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The Global Assembly

Established in September, 2017 (OOC) tasked with the maintenance of international peace and security within the game. The Assembly comprises thirty-five member states, who are guided by the principles contained in the "Charter of the Global Assembly". Supervised by the game Secretary General, Mr. Gregory Figueroa whose position is played by our very own administrator.


Start Year: 2001
Current Year: 2013

Month: August

2 Weeks is 1 Month
Next Month: 31/03/2019



Administration Team
Administrators are in-charge of the forums overall, ensuring it remains updated, fresh and constantly growing.

Administrator: Jamie
Administrator: Hollie

Community Support
Moderators support the Administration Team, assisting with a variety of tasks whilst remaining a liason, a link between Roleplayers and the Staff Team.

Head Moderator: Dutchy
Moderator: Naio
Trial Moderator: Odinson

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