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Modern Nations 2023 Update

◤ Modern Nations 2023 Update
Today, we are excited to announce that the 2023 R1 Update is now complete. This adds a number of changes to Modern Nations from both an OOC and IC perspective. Please see the full list of changes below:
  • Updated to Xenforo version 2.2.12
  • Introduction of a new forum theme, the first since 2018
  • Release of the Economy System v4, introducing Gross Domestic Product, Nation tabs and more
  • Added a collapsible right side bar to provide latest posts, forum statistics, share links and birthdays
  • Renamed Orders to Purchase Orders and the questions asked
  • Renamed Recruit Personnel to Recruitment
  • Renamed Transfer Funds to Money Transfer
  • Renamed Scrap Items to Recycling
  • Renamed Global Economics and Trade to Global Economics
  • Renamed National Productions and Finances to National Transactions
  • Renamed Commercial Business and Trade to Trade and Commerce
  • International Events and Internal Development have been merged into Domestic Affairs
  • Report option added and visible on threads and posts to raise roleplay disputes
  • Transit Map has been swapped from a thread to a redirect node
  • Change in branding with new forum banners and official templates
  • World Powers are now show as a banner, similar to GA members
  • Amendments made to the Purchase Order system to allow multiple ships to be made in one post
  • Overhaul of all key documentation including the getting started guides, rules, etc with new and amended rules
  • Default Purchase Order type is now vehicle production instead of personal equipment
  • The cost of encrypting productions has increased from 5% to 20%
  • Total costs on certain order forms used for invoicing will now default to a negative number
  • Alliance and Space Agency accounts can no longer be created, only Bank and Business accounts
  • Added a Progressive Web Application option to download a Modern Nations application (Not compatible for iPhones)
  • Word counter has been added, this is only functional for the Froala visual editor
  • Addition of an optional light mode for accessibility purposes, not to be confused with a light theme
  • Removed the 'Closed' prefix under Diplomatic Proceedings
  • Country Registrations have been renamed to Country Applications and is now located in the Out of Character zone
  • Economic revision form has been removed with all processes now automated in invoicing or via support ticket
  • A tax rate is no longer required to apply for a country, a default value is set
  • Moved the Discord link from the out of character section to the navigation bar
  • Continents have been consolidated into Asia & Oceania, Europe, Americas and Africa
  • If opted in, Activity Summary emails will now send out if no activity within 14 days to show the latest roleplay
  • Silver and Bronze contributor options have been removed with all perks going towards 'Contributor' status
  • Removal of the current trade forms, trade will be reintroduced in the next major update.
  • Return of the Community Support section to replace the ageing support ticket system
  • Replaced the Roleplay Think Tank with the Ideas Hub using built-in endorsement features
If you have any questions or problems, please open a ticket with Community Support.

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