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Arming Non-State Actors


Rattanakosin Kingdom
GA Member
Apr 16, 2019
You as well have immunity, therefore that wouldn't be possible.


Kingdom of Sweden
GA Member
Jul 23, 2018
I haven't read every comment in this thread; TLDR.

However, I do agree with a lot of what Owen and Alex have said in regards to logistics on the forum, at present nations throughout MN have thousands of logistical vehicles from heavy-duty tank transporters to small-load shuttle vehicles. I definitely agree that the requirement to strategically manage your logistical requirements should be incorporated into roleplay on a much stricter basis and consequences for those that do not. I have always been frustrated by crews being restocked with essentials whilst no logistical capacity has been incorporated into the mission.

When planning military operations states should be considering who, what, where, when and how goods and assets are moved throughout their mission; this also opens up the huge defence logistics market by company's like MAN, DAF, IVECO, VOLVO and SCANIA to better develop the economy in areas states simply do not bother investing in.

Driving a mechanised battalion through your cities without the use of tank transporters? Expect infrastructure damage as a result.
Deployed to the middle of Afghanistan and your platoon has ran out of food and water, with no logistics capacity? Expect them to die.
Sailing through the Atlantic and are running out of fuel, with no refuelling capacity? Better start a rescue mission.

If this topic is amended to incorporate logistics in a much more managed fashion into all roleplay, it'll have my vote every day of the week.


Federal Republic of Germany
GA Member
Sep 26, 2020
To jump on the logistical band wagon here. I just assumed that's what we had to build into our ground forces. Its one of the reasons I have had such a hard time planning out my military structure. I have been planning my logistical forces to operate at both a company level and a divisional level. Its a ton of fun having to plan out how in the hell I might get 250 Leopard 2s to any conflict.


GA Member
Jan 6, 2018
I just want to verify on the points raised by Connor / Vaka. There is an absolute requirement for logistics to be considered. If primarily against a player you notice someone not doing this, you can roleplay provided you are part of it to take advantage against that. Such as roleplaying the damage of infrastructure, demoralizing troops who are not getting sufficient water and food. If you notice a plane moving from one place to another that can't actually reach and didn't refuel, you can do the same. If you have had no involvement in the scene (thus would just be posting to take them down), we'd suggest a support ticket instead and the Staff will be able to do a response to it on an official capacity. Logistics is very much part of the forum and always has been.


Republic of South Africa
GA Member
Jul 2, 2018
So you're saying there is a logistical requirement behind sending weapons to a non-state actor?